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The Most Spectacular Southeast Asian Destination

Date 5 Apr 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Southeast Asian

Southeast Asian destinations have been excelling in recent times when it comes to tourism. Because there is an abundance of diverse countries, each type of traveler can happily survive for longer in Asia. For backpackers, adventurers and leisure travelers, the budget friendly Southeast Asian destinations are delightful in every manner. The negotiable culture along with hospitable locals adds to the amazements. Of course, nothing in the world beats the Southeast Asian cuisine.

Planning a trip to Asia anytime soon? Here’s what you shouldn’t miss out.

1. Laos

Southeast Asian destinations

Laos is one of the most exotic Southeast Asian destinations. The tribal settlements and the unique temples are most likely to intrigue all sorts of tourists. It is home to one of the most visited spots, Luang Prabang. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a royal city that you’d be delighted to explore. For touring one of the most appealing temples of Laos, a visit to Vietiane is a must.

In Laos, you’ll experience some of the most magical waterfalls. Kuang Si Waterfalls are extremely picturesque and the surrounding landscape is extremely scenic.

For adventure lovers, Vang Vieng is the ideal destination. Because of the presence of caves, there are many activities possible in and around the area. Some of these are rock climbing, hiking and kayaking.

2. Thailand


Being an ideal destination for frugal travelers, Thailand is one of the most amazing travel destinations you could possibly visit in Southeast Asia. From the wonderful islands to the amazing attractions, there is so much to keep the travelers captivated. One of the most famous of these is the magnificent Grand Palace. Heading back to over 200 years, the history and grandeur of this destination is truly appealing for the travelers.

Since elephant is Thailand’s national symbol, it is a must to take a ride. To experience this adventurous trekking with elephants, Elephant Hills is the ideal place to be.

For tourists of all kinds, island hopping in Thailand is a mandatory activity. The 5000 miles of coastal line provides plenty of adventures and thrilling experiences. The clear waters and perfect weather call out for the perfect outdoor activities you could possibly enjoy! Ko Samui and Phi Phi Islands are some of the most popular ones in Thailand.

April, October and November are the months where Thailand experiences its most lively festivals. This is the perfect chance for the locals and tourists to mingle and have the time of their life.

3. Malaysia


Malaysia and Thailand have a tough competition when it comes to tourism. A trip to Malaysia would make you realize how friendly the country is. Having extremely hospitable locals along with fantastic local cuisine, Malaysia has a lot to amuse you.

Arguable, the most famous attraction in Malaysia are the iconic Petronas Towers. These twin towers were once the tallest buildings in the world, and still hold a special position for being extremely happening all year round.

There are many cities in Malaysia that are a must-visit. Georgetown is one of those historical places located in Penang. It will take you back in time and get you to experience the wonderful surroundings.

Malaysia also boasts its extensive coastal line. One of the best islands in the country is the Redang Island. For travelers who wish to relax by the water or dive in the crystal clear waters, the island is truly heavenly.

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