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The Spectacular National Parks of Europe

Date 2 Feb 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

national parks

With so much to discover, Europe is arguably one of the most loved tourist destinations. Spending a lifetime here still wouldn’t be enough to explore all the hidden treasures the continent offers. No matter what country you head towards, you’ll experience it to be diverse and unique in its own manner. From mind blowing landscape to the captivating culture, Europe is home to one of the best tourist spots in the world. To experience its delightful flora and fauna, a visit to the continent would be incomplete without visiting the magical national parks of Europe. They’re an absolute treat for all the nature lovers. All of us tend to visit the grand cities on our trips. These parks of Europe would be an excellent choice on your next vacation for a truly relaxing break.

1. The Sarek National Park

Located in the north of the country, the Sarek National Park is the national jewel of Sweden. This area of majestic wilderness is a breath taking combination of valleys, hills and water bodies. Good map reading skills are essential to explore the beauty of the park. For adventurers, it is no less of a paradise because of its thrilling hiking experience and the wild camping. The park offers a challenging environment and only the tough can get going to explore the uniqueness of it. The tour guides and like-minded enthusiasts would make your trip to the Sarek National Park even better.

2. The Lake District

national parks of Europe
If you’re looking forward to a serene break, it is an absolute must to make your way to the awe inspiring Lake District. The fairy tale ambiance makes it one of the most wonderful national parks in Europe. Since the 19th century, poets have been traveling to this wondrous spot because of the romantic ambiance. The Lake District is located in Northern England and offers a beautiful combination of lakes and forests. It’s also a top choice for hikers and you’d be too sorry to skip it if you’re traveling to England.

3. Plitvice Lakes

If you travel to central Croatia, you’d want your trip to last forever at the picturesque Plitvice Lakes National Park. Apart from the stunning landscape of the lakes, this site is home to animals such as bears, birds and wolves. Being one of the most popular attractions in Croatia, it is an absolute must see if you travel there. The sixteen lakes that are part of the Plitvice Lakes are connected with spectacular waterfalls. Even a split-second sight of these beautiful lakes is going to sway you!

4. Goreme

Turkey has lately emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations because of the wonderful combination of Europe and Asia that it offers. Turkey’s Goreme National Park is a must to explore, even if you have to make the hassle of traveling extra. The mushroom-like ‘fairy chimneys’ and cave homes will leave you flabbergasted. To experience the magical landscape of Goreme, it would be ideal to take the hot air balloon ride at sunrise. You’ll be amazed to see the spectacular colors; giving you a feeling that you’re on top of the world!

Take a nature break to the most beautiful national parks of Europe.

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