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The Ultimate Guide On A Magical Danish Summer

Date 29 Nov 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


Our guide will show you how you can spend a magical Danish summer in Copenhagen. This is a city which has grown and diversified in the last couple of years, and every year it gets better. With the growth and diversity, there are classic staples as well.

1. Strawberries

The first thing that pops into mind when dreaming of Danish summers is strawberries because even when it’s drizzling outside, you can count on the sweetness of these little red rubies. Compared to strawberries from other parts of the world, the Danish strawberry is slightly smaller, but oh, so tasty. You can easily go the extra mile and pick your own, but if you want the easy way out they’re available in all the stores. They’re ideal to pair with ice cream or have with some tea or coffee.

2. A Boat Ride Will Make Everything Better

You’ll thank us for following this tip. We highly recommend that you become your own captain on a Goboat in the Danish canals. If you’re looking for a prettier option, we recommend you take the Swan Boat on the lakes. Being your own captain is super easy, all you need to do is take the helm of a sailboat, put the car on a ferry boat, or overwork yourself on a rowboat. You’re not truly experiencing the essence of Danish summer till you’ve been on a boat ride in the Danish canals.

3. Dive Into The Water

Ah, the cold water. The cold Danish water is not just for boats and scenic views, it’s also great for swimming as well. Jumping into the cold water is a rite of passage here. If you’re a city dweller, the cool waters of the canal will serve as nature’s air conditioners. The best places to take a plunge are Bellevue Beach and Amager Beach. Dejlige Days has great options for tourists as well.

4. Picnic In The Summer

Kongens Have is also known as the people’s backyard. This is where everyone heads to during the summer days. Pack goodie basket and a blanket and enjoy the royal views with the other half of the entire city.

5. Summer Art

A lot of the performing art move out in the open during the summer. The Royal Ballet performs at assorted parks around the city and people can watch the performance for free. Another popular option is watching Hamlet in Hamlet’s Castle of Kronberg which is a short ride away. This is the 200th anniversary of Hamlets performance, so it’s going to be performed on a massive scale. The best way to get the latest news on these outdoor performances is to keep a lookout for posters and announcements.

6. Take A Trip To An Island

Heading out to an Island for a short day trip is part of the Danish magic. A lot of the Danes have summer houses that they have been going to for years. Tourists have countless options for inns and bed and breakfasts to choose from as well. For days trips there are great cafes for lunch or dinner.

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