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The Ultimate Guide To Eating In Texas: The Battle Between Austin & Dallas

Date 24 Oct 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


There is so much to do and see in Texas, but the first thing that became very clear to me was that Texans love food. There are so many restaurants and cafes all over the state which have variety of mouthwatering dishes on their menu. After all, literally hundreds of people travel to Texas just to explore all the delicious things to eat. A binging holiday is my favorite kind. If you’re heading to the Longhorn state any time soon here is the ultimate guide to eating in Texas. It’ll help you discover which direction you should take your taste buds.

1. What To Eat In Austin

i. Brisket Tacos

One thing Austin loves and embraces is the tradition of briskets. Dallas and Austin are two cities in Texas with the some of the best brisket in the entire state. I cannot recommend Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ for some great smoked brisket tacos. These epic brisket tacos are slow cooked with a dash of sea salt, hint of lime, guacamole, and Serrano salsa. If you want some insanely good taco’s, you better head to Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ.

ii. Freedmen’s BBQ

BBQ is really big in the big old Southern State. if you’re in the mood for some insanely delicious BBQ then make sure you stop by Freemen’s to devour their best offerings. This historic beer garden and smoke house sells their famous lunch boxes for just $10 which includes BBQ sandwich with a side and a coke. Their BBQ is top notch and the price doesn’t break the bank either. It’s worth checking out, that’s for sure.

iii. Go Crazy For Ramen

The Ramen craze is pretty wild in these parts and it’s all thanks to Ramen Tatsu-ya. They’ve made a signature dish that is worth indulging in. the dish comes with pork bone broth, tender soy braised pork belly, and soft boiled eggs. This culinary masterpiece has become so popular that there is a long line of people waiting outside during the weekend.

2. What To Eat In Dallas

i. Mashed Potatoes and Fried Chicken

You know the good ol’ South loves their fried chicken. Fried chicken is synonymous with the South for a reason, and it’s because they do it like no other. If you’re in Dallas then you need to try Babes Chicken Dinner House. If you want to embrace the Southerner in you, then it doesn’t get more southern than crispy fried chicken.

ii. Bacon Cheddar Tots
Bacon cheddar tots are a mixture of potatoes, bacon and cheese. For some extra flavor sriracha ketchup is added into the mix. These are a perfect mid-day snacks, and can be found at Public School 214 during brunch. Trust me; you’ll thank us after the first bite.

iii. Street Tacos

Street Tacos
Austin wins the battle of breakfast tacos, but Dallas sure knows how to dinner tacos right. A place worth checking out for great dinner tacos is El Come Taco. It’s always jammed packed with tourists who have a hard time choosing between tacos de la casa or tacos traditional, with their choice filling which includes meat, chicken, pork, beef and vegan.

3. Conclusion

Even though Dallas is a big city and has more options, I prefer Austin because it’s trendy and has a blend of OG Texas flavors with a modern twist.

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