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The Unmissable Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Date 1 Sep 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


A city like Dubai is hard to be compared to any other. If there is one destination where you should really feel no shame in showing your tourist side, it certainly is Dubai. The list of tourist attractions in Dubai is an endless one. Flights to Dubai are easy to find, and thanks to Emirates it has become a stopover for plenty of tourists around the world.

Dubai is defined by its skyline that certainly demands your attention. But the city has more to offer than just the skyscrapers. It’s one of the most multi-cultural destinations where you’ll see the best of both the worlds. From food to the events, culture is the king here. The sun stays out nearly all year round (what less would you expect from a desert? and the sand is perfect for stepping out and enjoying the Dubai life. It’s astonishing to see how rapidly technology has shown its wonders in the city. Dubai is certainly a destination you need to take time out to explore. We make your travel plans easier, take a look at the tourist attractions in Dubai that are delightful to explore!

1. Malls of Dubai

malls of dubai Dubai is a paradise for shoppers. Every mall you head to, you’ll be astonished to see what it has to offer. It’s one of those cities where luxury oozes out of everything. Right from the train stations to the malls, the city is at its best all year round.

Because there are limited days when you can roam outdoors due to the extreme heat, probably that is why the malls have been turned into a paradise itself.

You can really never get enough of them. It’s just not the shopping, but also the endless entertainment and divine like food courts of the city. Some of the best ones are the majestic Dubai Mall, Ibn Batuta and the amazing Mall of Emirates. It’s the shopaholics dream come true and will truly make you shop till you drop!

2. Desert Safari

desert safari A trip to the desert has its perks. Dubai is not the ordinary desert that you think of. In fact, it rarely shows anything of a desert life. However, a desert safari right in the middle of the sand dunes would give you a good taste of how it should be.

You’ll find plenty of tours that take care of everything, you just have to pay. It’s a trip away from the glitz and glam of the city life and the closest you can get to the Bedouin life. Once you are through with a thrilling ride into the sand dunes, you spend the rest of the evening near a crackling fire under the starry skies. Yes, the perfect definition of a dreamy Arabian nights. The trip includes a scrumptious dinner and live performances by the belly dancers. It’s an experience that you’d be sorry to miss out!

3. JBR Walk

JBR walk Dubai Marina has enjoyed its share of popularity, and now it has been shifted to the Jumeirah Beach Residence, the world’s largest single-shift residences. The glamorous side of Dubai can best be enjoyed when you talk the popularly known JBR Walk, one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. It’s one of those intriguing places where even people-watching is so much fun. From classy boutiques to finger licking food, the Walk can never be a disappointing one.

4. The Skyscrapers

the skyscrapers Dubai wouldn’t have been as famous as it is today if it wasn’t for those skyscrapers. A trip to the city without taking a good look at them? Not possible!

A stay at the world’s only 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab is truly the strongest ingredient for a dream trip to Dubai. Once the tallest skyscraper, it’s still one of the most photographed building.

For now, Burj Khalifa has taken all the attention. This engineering masterpiece sticks out in the sky, and it’s impossible to miss it out. At The Top is where the real treat is. Being the highest platform in the world, the views are absolutely jaw dropping.

5. Global Village

global village Although not open all year round, the Global Village is one place you would love as a tourist. Famous for being the world’s largest entertainment and tourist area, you might actually find yourself drooling over all that it has to offer to the tourists.

Mondays are reserved for families, so if you’re heading out you need to plan accordingly. If you’re not a fan of crowded areas, you must avoid Fridays!

For all those tourists sticking to their diet plans religiously, you’re permitted to let go of it because the food scene is absolutely delightful. From priceless handicrafts to great entertainment, one trip to Global Village is just not enough.

6. The Dancing Fountain

the dancing fountain My number one rule of traveling; explore the freebies. Let’s face this, the travel costs are always never ending. Why should you then let go of an opportunity that costs you nothing?

The fountain is one of those tourist attractions in Dubai that you wouldn’t become weary of. It’s absolutely amazing and the world’s largest dancing fountain, truly too good to be free! No wonder all the tourists love hanging around this place so much.

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