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These Tips Are Essential For New Travellers To Cheap Destinations

Date 12 Sep 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

cheap destinations

Traveling doesn’t always have to be super expensive. There are so many affordable destinations around the world that don’t require you to empty your bank account. You’ll be surprised at the number of popular tourist destinations that are both affordable and worth the visit. Here are some tips for new travelers to cheap destinations.

Certain trips and tricks are required if you want to change a relatively expensive trips to a budget friendly one. There isn’t a place in this world that should be labeled “too expensive”. If you follow my tips for new travellers you’ll find that traveling can be cheap and easy. All you have to do is unlearn what you’ve been told your entire life.

1. Fiji

The general misconception out there is that all Pacific Islands are expensive destinations for a holiday. Out of all of them Fiji is considered to be the most expensive. However, in reality that is not the case. Unlike its more expensive neighbors, Fiji is relatively cheaper. Do you want to enjoy the pristine beaches, scuba diving, and eating yummy seafood? Well, then do yourself a favor and steer clear of the $1,000 a night resorts.

A lot of backpackers take advantage of Fiji Airlines because it has a default stopover in Fiji. Cheap, but comfortable (and clean) guest houses have emerged all over the island in order to accommodate this niche in the tourist industry. Tourists and backpackers alike will be delighted to know that there is affordable transportation, guest rooms and activities all over Fiji and especially the Yasawa Islands.

2. Central America

If you’re a history buff who loves to explore ancient ruins and trek through thick jungles like Indiana Jones then do yourself a favor and head to Central America. Visit the smaller countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. You’ll find spoilt for choice when it comes to budget hotels which charge only $15 per night. The meals will are low as $3, and the cost of bus tickets is around the same price. All these affordable touristy things are in safe neighborhood, despite the low cost.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia is ideal for new travelers who are look for cheap destinations. Not only is it affordable but extremely beautiful as well, and filled with friendly locals. A small, air conditioned guestroom will cost around $20, and the local street food is as low as $2. Transportation will cost you slightly more than your meals at around $20. You can easily keep your daily budget at around $50 and still live large.

4. China

Marco Polo turned the world’s attention to China and since then the attention hasn’t wavered. You too can travel the Silk Road and explore China on a budget. If you’re willing to rough it out a little and stay at hostels you’ll be spending $20 per night. The local street food is delicious and will be an ideal fit if you’re on budget. The transportation in different cities will cost you less than a dollar. The bigger, coastal cities aren’t as cheap as the smaller ones though.

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