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Things to do in Maldives

Date 16 Sep 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul


Maldives needs no introduction. People all across the world rave about its beauty and wonder. Located in the Indian Ocean, this small Island’s economy is largely supported through tourism. The place is said to be Asia’s gem. Its heavenly and serene surroundings lure millions of visitors each year. However, before a visit, it is advisable that you know what the fun things to do in Maldives are. Planning beforehand helps in kick starting the trip as soon as the flight lands without wasting any time and there is definitely lesser hassle during the trip. Below mentioned are some of the fun things to do in Maldives.

Swim in the Maldivian Waters

Maldivian waters
The clear and blue Maldivian waters are home to beautiful marine life, plants and coral reefs. From tiny shrimps to big sharks, more than a thousand species of fishes dwell in these waters. Swimming among them is highly entertaining and is one of the most memorable experiences of life. Dive into the water and inspect the unique sea life from close proximity. And you don’t even have to be a professional diver for this. So yes, give diving a priority in your “Things to do in Maldives” list.

National Museum

National Museum
The National Museum in Maldives has a fine collection displayed inside and the historical artifacts help you learn about the interesting Maldivian history as well as the history of the islands. The building may not be very impressive but the items inside are.

Whale Submarine

Whale Submarine
For those who are hesitant to dive into the sea or don’t know swimming at all, Whale Submarine is an excellent choice. And it is in no way a compromise. It is as fun and you can view the underwater species through the large windows of the submarine. The submarine stays under the water for around 45 minutes and time passes in a blur as you gaze in awe at the amazing underwater creatures.

Buy Yourself a Day at the Spa

Maldives Spa
Holidays are all about relaxing and what better way to relax than a day at a spa? There are numerous Spas in Maldives. I would recommend the Coconut spa at the White Sands resort or the ‘Six Senses Spa’ at the beach. The therapists at these spas are highly skilled and you can easily forget all your worries for as long as you are there. It is a very relaxing and soothing experience.

Enjoy the Resort Islands

Maldives Resort Islands
Maldives is known all across the globe for its natural and sandy beaches. Comprised of more than a thousand islands, Maldives has endless beauty. Choose one resort Island and enjoy the calm that the place has to offer. You can also make arrangements beforehand to make sure that no other people are allowed on the resort island you have chosen.

Old Friday Mosque

Old Friday Mosque
The old Friday mosque is the oldest mosque in Maldives. It is constructed out of coral stone and Quranic verses are carved on it. The interior, wood work and majestic structure is sure to fascinate you.

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