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Travel Tips: Things You Should Never Do At A Hotel

Date 23 Jan 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Travel Tips

Home is the place where your heart should be, but hotel is the place where you should definitely be using your head. We don’t mean to scare travelers, but the purpose of this article is to inform you and keep you aware of the things that you shouldn’t do at a hotel.

Here are some useful travel tips for you to keep in mind. Avoid doing these things at the hotel you are staying at and you will enjoy a nice vacation.

Travel Tip #1 – Don’t Take Anything Except For Free Things

Free Things
The toiletries in your room fall in the criteria of free and same is the case with pens and paper as well as the brochures. But you simply can’t assume the same for slippers, towels, bath-robes, ash trays, hangers or bed linen. Many hotels won’t mind if you bring your own pillow or candles with you but they are very austere about their belongings staying at their premises. Some American hotel chains have now added alarm sensors on their luxury robes and linen, so keep your hands off them.

Travel Tip #2 – Never Reveal Your Room Number

Room Number
Never say your room number out aloud at the check-in time or to a friendly stranger you met at the reception. Even if you plan to meet someone new it’s best that you first meet at some public place. The last thing you would want at your trip is a break-in.

Travel Tip #3 – Stay Away From The Minibar

From The Minibar
Those good old days of freely lingering in the minibar are long gone at many hotel chains. Being a budget traveler I will definitely stay away from that amazing minibar. Those expensively priced snacks and delights are more of booby-trap now, even just picking a small snicker bar from that fridge will trigger the sensors and will charge you a $5 on your room bill.

Travel Tip #4 – Don’t Use The Remote Control Without Cleaning It

clean Remote Control
Hotel rooms are the best home for bacteria and germs to grow. The best culprit for infesting germs is the remote control so before you touch that nasty thing give it a clean with antibacterial wipes. Use your smartphone to control the TV channels by downloading an app or simply avoid watching TV. And while we have your attention remember don’t sleep under or over the quilt, stay away from the quilt. Trust me on this one.

Travel Tip #5 – Don’t Blame The Hotel For Calamities

If the location you are visiting has a bus strike or the attraction you are trying to visit is off limits or the weather is rough then there is no need to take out your annoyance on the hotel staff. Hotels are not psychic nor are they your guides; you need to do your research before coming to a destination so that you are aware of the political issues, seasonal shutdowns or monsoons, before they hit you like a surprise.

Travel Tip #6 – Don’t Use Bad Review As A Negotiating Chip

Don’t Use Bad Review
Trip advisor, Review Center and many other review sites have become means for people to get a better deal at the hotel when they mention that they will write a long detailed review about the hotel. Many hotels see this as a threat and give you a good deal but honestly speaking this isn’t right nor will make your relationship better with them. If the hotel services are truly bad then a report to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) will be more effective.

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