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Things to do in Rome, Italy

Date 9 Oct 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

As they say, do in Rome as the Romans do. We contemplate by this statement that the importance of this city, rather ancient empire, is much. There is a lot to see in Rome. It is one of the most unique and highly important cities of Europe. It is bustling with History and remnants of the ancient Roman civilization everywhere. The best way to enjoy Rome is by walking through the city. It would be a lesson of history, delivered not by some professor but by the monuments, buildings and the ruins you come across. In Rome, some of the great things to do are also one of the best of Europe and the Mediterranean. In this city, it is not necessary that you find neat and clean avenues. But the surprise element is the historically natural spectacles which have to be explored. This place is so rich in history, culture and tradition that you would find many places worth seeing, which other people might not have.

A Visit to the Hill of Gianicolo

If you want to have an ideal view of the main historical buildings which are all at one place, then Gianicolo is the place to go. It is actually a hill outside Rome overlooking the Vatican, and gives a splendid view of the ancient sites and the city. From here, you can also have an excellent view of Rome’s ancient and modern war landmarks. Also those things connected to the modern Italy such as the Risorgimento or the 19th-century movement which unified Italy into a country, can be found, here. That sure is one of the important places in the list of Rome, things to do. Sculptures and statues of the famous liberators and founders can be found on roads. The tour is no less than a History lesson.

Museum of Galleria Borghese

Whenever, we go to some place, we want to view its’ artefacts, its’ ancient handicrafts and souvenirs. The best place for such gallivanting is a museum. Rome’s best museum to offer to tourists is the Galleria Borghese Museum. It is no doubt that Rome is up to the brim with history but still this place is recommended. This museum is a worth seeing wonder of collections set-up in a converted historical villa. Here you will find exquisite antiquities from the renaissance and other periods. Different sculptures are on display giving a unique aspect of their art.

The Vatican Tour

This place has a historical, global importance as well as the religious one for which it is known, to Christians. It is the residential place of the Pope, the most senior clergy order, among Roman Catholic priests and apart from that also his immediate staff, consisting of most senior clergymen after him. Also, his security is separate and is like an army. The building is like a big cathedral and Roman Catholic Christians visit it for pilgrimage. The Pope is considered to be one of the most important leaders and celebrities, of the world. St. Peter’s Square, is a beautiful area next to the Vatican and has its’ own grandeur. Swiss guards with their beautiful uniforms are present to guard the Pope and the premises.


Another worth mentioning thing in Rome, things to do or Italy, for that matter is to have a look at the famous line of designers recognized, the world over. The area where you will find all of these famous Italian designers and their outlets is the place known as Condotti. For a second best option you can go to Governo Vecchio and get priceless things from fur, shoes, and dresses to bags, and everything linked to fashion. Some of the items would be so latest that they would not be even available in other world markets, at that time.

Italian Pizza Experience

Nobody in the world can make a pizza that good as the Italians do. The recipe being theirs’ nobody can beat them. It is not possible that if you are hungry in Rome and see a Pizza restaurant and you don’t have it. For the original taste and the right way of cooking, you have to have it. There are many varieties and you can order from your own choice of ingredients. If you want to have a real pizza then this city would offer you.


Whenever you go to a place you always try to eat their local dishes/recipes. The world’s best cuisines are French, Chinese and Italian. So, once in Rome you should not miss the Italian cuisine. If you happen to go to Campo dei Fiori, you will get a chance to see nice comfortable cafés and food restaurants. The best restaurant of Rome is the Ristorante Al Presidente. Located in the towns’ centre, you can enjoy an ideal lunch or dinner, the Italian way. So, if you go to Rome, you have to have an ample time to see it fully.

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