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This is How I Learnt to Take the World’s Best Travel Photos

Date 19 Sep 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


Browsing through the world’s best travel photos, how I wished to have mine up there one fine day. National Geographic was one platform that amused and inspired me throughout my trips around the world. I used to notice the depth and grace with which these photos appeared extraordinary, too good to be true.

Millions of people travel around the world, but not many have what it takes to create picture perfect moments. Let me begin with some great news. It isn’t as difficult as it shows, and you certainly don’t need a professional tag. Let’s admit this, toddlers these days learn to ‘accidently’ take selfies. I got my first camera when I was 10, so the connection is not a new one.

Getting back to taking the world’s best travel photos, here’s how you get it done like a pro!

1. Pack the Best

This has to be the most misunderstood tip so I’ll put it first. Of course, without the right gadgets you can’t even dream of getting there. Although smart phones in times we live perform an amazing job, they still have their limitations.

The golden rule I’d float here is to pack only the essentials. Travels should be trouble free, and you can only experience the bliss when you stop carrying any extras.

With that said, it is equally important to pack a few travel gears you can’t do well without. Firstly, the perfect travel camera. You’d find people getting the most expensive and professional ones they’d never get familiar with. Whether you wish to create Nikon moments or Canon ones, you must know your gadget inside out. Of course, practice is the key here! Currently, I shoot with Canon EOS 5D Mark III but it’s not recommended to a beginner who would find it tough if they aren’t familiar with the settings.

Extra battery, an extra memory card and a tripod would help you a great deal on your foreign trips!

2. Know Your Locations

know your locations If you desire to take the world’s best photos, you must know your location well. This isn’t plain easy and I know you must be thinking how is it even possible if you haven’t been somewhere before.

There’s something deep to understand here. No matter where you go, there are people who have already been there and done that. While you try to be original with your travel photography, the challenge is to create what no one has been able to done so before. This can only be done when you study a location well. Maybe take a quick tour first without your camera, explore the surroundings, discover when it’s the busiest and the quietest and get to know different angles through which you can make your work stand out.

3. Away from the Crowds

Stonehenge might be the most photographed landmark on the planet, but I just can’t stand the cliché of posing in front for the social media liking invisibly captioning, ‘yes I’ve been there and done that!’

Whether you think this is what keeps a traveler and tourist distinct or what differentiates the ordinary and creative; the results are overwhelming. If you wish to take travel photos like no one else does, you need to find your ways to beat the crowd. Now this might seem like a dear dream when you’re at the Big Ben, but solutions shoot out when you think outside the box. Learn the art of editing and stay away from the crowds to capture priceless moments.

4. Add Life to the Landscapes

add life to the landscape Don’t get me wrong when I saw landscapes are just not enough. Personally, I love capturing landscapes because nothing is as attractive as nature itself. However, there’s rarely any personal touch to your travel photos if you only focus on the landscapes.

To add a whole new life to them, subjects are very important for your photos. Nothing replaces humans. Humans add feelings to a lifeless photo.

Whether you’ve to be the crazy one or get labeled as being too touristy, a lot of passion and hard work goes into taking the world’s best travel photos.

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