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This Is How You Should Make Peace With Flight Delays

Date 15 Aug 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re cursed for life when it comes to flight delays? Deep inside, you know it is going to come, sooner or later. We’ve all become victim of these delay and often have bitter memories associated with them. For travelers who get anxious at the thought of flying, delays make them uncomfortable and out of place. The chances are that even with so many delays that you’ve experienced so far, you still can’t keep a track of your thoughts every time you hear the announcements.

Flight delays are pretty miserable. A delayed flight has countless reasons. It could be horrible weather conditions, crew issues, a delayed aircraft, air traffic control problems or some other issues that only seem to be springing out because you’re traveling that day. We all know how it feels deep down. It’s a sticky situation, but the way you think of it makes it even worse.

Sick of delays? Here’s how you can make peace with this chaotic situation.

1. Be Smarter if You Own a Smart Phone

Smart Phone

There’s a good reason why technology has made huge advancements over the recent times. You need to move at the same pace. It’s still surprising to see a lot of travelers pouring their heart out with complaints how no one told you about the delayed flight.

Most of us travel with a smart phone and it’s time we start acting smarter than these travel gadgets. Install an application that helps you to store all your travel data in one place so that you can access it easily instead of going over countless documents.

TripIt is one of these amazing applications that helps you to keep a track of everything about your travel plans. You can create a master plan and store all data in this single app. Even when you’re offline, you can access the data easily. Possibly the best feature of this app is that all the confirmation and booking emails are forwarded to the application and you get informed about any possible delays or cancellations.

2. Find Out Your Passenger Rights

If there is one situation you need to know your rights as a passenger, that is definitely going to be when it comes to delayed flights. You may not be able to fly at the scheduled time, but still use these rights to find a worthwhile solution to the problem. Being armed with the right knowledge is very important because a lot of your rights will not be that easily revealed to you through the airlines. It’s also important to be mindful that the airline staff at the airport is used to hearing endless complaints. Instead of being grumpy about these experiences, use your rights to protect you in adverse situations like these. From free food to a hotel stay, the airlines have a lot in power to make it less miserable for you.

3. Earn the Right Status

You might often be puzzled as to why some flyers are so obsessed with collecting status miles. Well, you know the answer now. The only way to travel right for some people is to travel in style and luxury. Unfortunately, this can’t be seen anywhere when you are stuck with everyone else in the ordinary lounge at the airport with barely anything attractive to look at.

Your frequent flyer status can turn the situation pretty amazing with the countless travel perks in the fine lounges. The grass is actually greener on this side. From better food to relaxing spaces, your stay at the airport will become a peaceful one for once!

4. Entertainment Supplies


There are plenty of ways to kill time. No matter how terrible it seems, time would eventually pass. However, bringing the right entertainment to the airport can make the situation a whole lot better. You know what works out to be the best for you. If you’re a bookworm, bring a novel that you’ve longed to read. From playing games to watching movies, there’s a lot you can do during that long stay. It’s important not to exhaust your battery though!

5. Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes

Stuck in a flight delay? It’s awful, we know. But there is always something brighter to look forward to. The problem with most of us is that we don’t make an effort to be positive during the tough times. The negative vibes spread way too fast. Imagine being stuck in a wave of travelers where everyone is miserable about one thing or another.

Condition your mind because there is always a solution you’ll come across. However, the solution is only going to beam upon you if you think with a calm mind. Stay positive because there is always a brighter side to life.

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