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Five Must Know Tips For Flying With Low Cost Carriers

Date 13 Mar 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

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When you use a budget friendly airline, you should expect them to be a little different from their more expensive counterparts. The first difference is obviously the cheaper ticket. For those who are expecting comfort and luxury during these flights should rethink buying the cheaper tickets.

There is a lot of debate whether low cost carriers are worth the hassle. I have heard a lot of people tell me to spend a couple of hundred dollars more and use an expensive airline. Me, I would much rather save those few hundred dollars and spend them at my destination or put them towards my next trip. This is why I end up traveling more than my friends. Today I shall bust all the myths about low cost carriers and show you that the reality is not as bad you might things. Here are important tips for flying with low-cost carriers.

1. Low Cost Carriers Are Just As Safe As The Expensive Ones

Despite popular beliefs budget friendly airlines are not cheap because of lack of security. Usually airplane location and not airline in question determines likelihood of a crash. Surprisingly 9 out of 10 airline disasters in Europe were mainstream, expensive airlines.

The reality is that other airlines offer a lot of extras that they include in the price of the ticket. Allowing heavier luggage, food and drinks are the perfect example of this. Most people don’t even realize they’re being charged for generous luggage allowance, it’s included in higher ticket prices.

2. Always Follow Weight And Size Restrictions

This is something I say again and again to everyone. Do not guess! Check the amount you’re allowed and stick to it. Invest in your own luggage scale. It is small, compact and will help you ward off any extra charges. You can’t fool the airport luggage scale so you will be charged for extra weight. Remember, that heavier luggage results in more fuel being consumed, which in turn means a pricier ticket.

3. In-Flight Meals Are Included In The Ticket

News flash for those who weren’t already in the know, but airline food isn’t “free”. The meals served on a plane are included in the price of the ticket. Budget friendly airlines do not charge you for this to reduce their costs. So if this little “extra” is not included in the price that means that you’ll have to pay for the any food or drink you want during the flight. My advice is to take a sealed snack or purchase food and drink after going through security. Your objective of saving a few extra dimes will be accomplished.

4. Print Your Ticket

If you’re flying on a budget friendly carrier then make sure you print your ticket before checking in. Airlines like RyanAir send an email with this information in all CAPS! If you don’t take a printed ticket you’ll be charged a reissue.

5. Airport Outside Major City

Sometimes low cost carriers use airports that are outside major cities. You can expect this during European flights the most Always check Google Maps to check where the airport is. If it’s on the outskirts then calculate if the cost/time is worth it.

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