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Tips To Book Affordable Flights To Cape Town

Date 2 Feb 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


People will do pretty much anything to get a discount on an airline ticket. This is because an airline ticket is a huge chunk of your travel budget. In order to draw in, more passengers airlines periodically offer massive discounts on their tickets. These impromptu discounts vary from season to season and are highly unpredictable. Airline miles have also shouldered some of the burdens as well by becoming a source of acquiring reward seats, discounts, upgrades and much more. Cape Town has been a popular holiday destination for years, and if you’re hoping to book an affordable flight to Cape Town just follow the tips below.

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1. Book In Advance

Airlines release their flights months in advance and we always recommend our readers to book their tickets in advance. You have a higher chance of getting a good deal on your ticket if you do it well in advance. Try to book the flight to Cape Town at least three months prior to departure, and if you think that’s too soon, well three weeks should be your cut off time. Expect the price of the airline ticket to start escalating after the three-week mark.

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2. Book It On Friday The 13th

A lot of travel and airline agents have laughed over the hilarious Friday the 13th dilemma. A large chunk of travelers refuse to fly on Friday the 13th, and because of that, every year airlines are forced to drop their prices for that day. If you want an affordable airline ticket and a half-empty airline, we recommend that you book your flight on the 13th.

3. Book At The Last Minute

Even though this is a complete contradiction to our previous advice, it still works (both do). If you have the flexibility to book your airline ticket then wait for the last minute specials. 4-3 weeks before the date of departure airlines release discounted rates if they haven’t sold enough airline tickets for that particular flight. So in order to fill up the plane, they are forced to slash their prices. Sometimes even business and first class tickets are on massive discounts.

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4. Sign Up For A Frequent Flyer Program

Choose a loyalty program and then we recommend that you sign up to its travel credit card as well. Once you start collecting the airline miles your life is going to become very easy, because not only will it give you exclusive perks, you’ll get the chance to book a reward ticket for free.

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5. Pick A Budget Carrier

Budget carriers have made a niche for themselves in the market and have been welcomed with open arms. Some felt that legacy carriers were charging too much and budget carriers quickly became an answer to everyone’s prayer. Don’t let the word “budget” scare you, because despite the affordable price of the ticket they still maintain high standards. A lot of budget carriers don’t serve meals during the flight because they don’t charge you for them.

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