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Tips To Survive Thanksgiving Travel

Date 14 Nov 2016 | Posted by Umema Aimen

Thanksgiving Travel

Out of all the annual holidays, traveling over Thanksgiving is the worst! Airports are overcrowded, skies are littered with planes and there’s chaos everywhere. Getting a cheap Thanksgiving flight is not a hard task. All it requires is some planning in advance. However, how does one make the travel experience itself less gruelling?

Here are some tips to survive Thanksgiving travel:

1. Prepare For The Worst:

Just know that traveling over Thanksgiving WILL be full of giant travel hiccups! So far, I’ve yet to experience an incident free Thanksgiving trip. Keep all the worst case scenarios in your mind. From getting stuck in traffic on your way to the airport to missing your flight due to delay at security check to having your flight delayed for five hours to losing your luggage, be prepared for it all! If you reach your destination with something as slight as a one-hour delay then consider yourself the luckiest human on the planet!

2. Stay Sane:

Stay Sane Now that we’ve established it’s going to get bad, we have to figure out a way to stay sane amidst it all. You need some sort of entertainment or distraction with you. Once, my dad was visiting me in America and we both got stuck at an airport for twelve hours because we missed a flight. My dad bought a journal from the airport and started writing about it. Lo and behold, he is now the author of a best-selling travelogue! So the key is to keep yourself entertained. Bring a book along, or your knitting. The most important thing is to keep your phone and tablets charged. In desperate times, a game of Temple Run on your phone will save your sanity during your Thanksgiving travel.

3. Don’t Bring Too Much Stuff:

Don’t Bring Too Much Stuff Airports are overcrowded over Thanksgiving which means you’ll be standing in queues for prolonged period of time. So the lesser stuff you have on you, the less exhausting it will be. I once made the mistake of throwing two heavy books along with the laptop in my backpack. Boy, i nearly broke my back after standing in lines for check-in, security and boarding! Moreover, if you don’t have any checked luggage, you won’t have to waste another hour at baggage claim waiting for your bags. You can simply walk out the airport after exiting the plane!

4. Arrive Early At The Airport:

Arrive Early At The Airport Over Thanksgiving, you’ll often find the routes to the airport jammed with traffic so it is best to leave early for airport. You don’t want to miss your flight because you were stuck half a mile outside the airport! Arrive early, check-in, get security clearance and then get some rest. Most airports have prayer areas which are very quiet and mostly empty. Perfect place to nap and avoid the chaos! Make sure to dress in comfortable clothes because it’s going to be an uncomfortable journey!

Thanksgiving travel is extremely fatiguing but a delicious Thanksgiving meal with the family is worth it all. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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