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Tips on When You’ve Missed a Flight

Date 17 Mar 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Missed a Flight

Despite having the most organized plan and leaving your home on time, missing a flight is always a possibility. Things may happen that are out of your control like a roadside accident, traffic jam or maybe even a flat tire. The thought of missing a flight is always scary, especially because a lot of money has been invested not only on the ticket but at the destination as well. Some people have especially taken days off from their jobs and every day is precious when it comes to planning a holiday. Miss that one flight and there is possibility of your entire holiday plan going up in smoke. What does one do in these circumstances?

Stay Positive

Stay Positive
The first thing to do is stay positive. Take a deep breath and believe everything is going to be alright. When you’re thinking negatively or are in a panic mode your judgment will be clouded and won’t be able to think properly. When you’re in a positive mind set you’re in a position to focus on the solution. Yes, a lot of damage may have been done but there are always ways to minimize that. That is why the first thing to do not let yourself panic. Stay positive and focus on the solution.

Don’t Go Home

Missed a Flight
When you’ve arrived at the airport and realize that you’ve missed your flight, don’t go back home in sullen depression. There are always other flights leaving on the same day. You need to get yourself and your family on one of those flights. Remember, every day counts.

Get In-Touch With The Airline

Touch With The Airline
Some airlines have excellent policies when it comes to their passengers missing a flight. They allow you to board the next available flight without paying any additional charges. Even though airlines don’t publicize it but they’re always willing to help customers who have missed a flights due to unforeseen circumstances. While you’re at the airport, call your airline or go straight to their counter at the airport and ask for advice.

The “Flat Tire Rule”

Flat Tire Rule
When approached within minutes after missing the flight (or within 2 hours) the airline will reissue a stand by boarding pass for the next flight to your holiday destination with no extra charge. Airlines call this the “flat tire rule” or the “two hour rule”. This rule does not apply if you approach them the next day. This is why it’s so important to head to the airport even though you know your plane will leave without you. The “flat tire rule” does not apply to low cost airlines. Missed a flights on a tight budget will carry a penalty. Also, please keep in mind that this policy is usually for domestic flights. However, carriers who are concerned about customer service usually end up helping their passengers in these circumstances even if you’re flying internationally.

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