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Top 5 Winter Travel Tips In Iceland For 2015

Date 6 Jan 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

winter travel tips

Traveling in winter season is one of my favorite hobbies, and since its winter again, I remembered my last year’s travel to the icy Iceland. The beauty of the Northern starry skies, the striking natural scenery, the geothermal steam rising from the crack in the ground and the far-of volcanoes loaded with snow on their distant peaks is a breathtaking sight.

But when traveling to Iceland I remember to keep a few points in practice for the winter season. Here are my top five winter travel tips:

1. Pack Warm Layers Of Clothes

Pack Warm Layers Of Clothes
This tip is very important, especially when you are traveling in winter, it is better to pack a number of thin layer clothes than packing two, three thicker ones, this helps you stay insulated and lets the oxygen pass in and out. It also helps you in taking off or adding in a layer according to the temperature of that day. When traveling to Iceland do pack waterproof boots and waterproof, warm coat as it’s really cold in Iceland.

2. The Weather Can Change

The Weather Can Change
This winter travel tip works the both ways – in Iceland you need to keep an eye on the weather one day it can go from cloudy to snowing at a startling speed the next day can be a warm sunny morning. So make sure that you are prepared for both of these extreme weather changes.

3. Leave Early

Leave Early
It seems like a good idea to travel in the winter season, but winters is that time of the year when you need to be extra careful. Leave for the airport at least two hours before your flight is scheduled. Cars usually break down in winters so make sure you have extra time at hand if you need to make any repairs. In winters you need to drive slowly because there is unseasonable rain and fog. A lot of flights are usually delayed or rescheduled due to the weather conditions so reaching the airport two hours prior to the flight is a good idea.

4. Go For The Hot Springs

Go For The Hot Springs
The winters of Iceland can be extremely cold, but the answer to this is given by this land of natural opposites, the geothermally heated water in Iceland is available for everyone. In Iceland you will find warm water to defrost your body in it, almost every village of Iceland has natural hot swimming pools and many hotels have the facility of hot tubs. Most of these hot tubs are present outside and you can enjoy stunning scenery and fresh air while having a soak.

5. Child Safety

Child Safety
If you are traveling with children in winters you need to make sure that you have enough warm clothes for them. Pack extra accessories like gloves, caps, socks if you are unsure. Children play in the snow and rain so they can wet, it’s better that you also pack some medicines with you in case your child catches flu.

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