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Flying With Kids: Top 7 Ways To Keep Them Happy

Date 1 Jan 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Flying With Kids

It’s the time after Christmas and New Year is about to begin! Perhaps many of you must be about to travel with your family and kids to some nice place for celebrating New Year’s Eve. If you are flying with kids you are probably worried and stressed because you are trying to figure out how to keep your offspring happy during the flights. Here are top seven tips from FareoAir for keeping your young ones happy on flight and avoid the tantrums of a “cranky” child.

Teach Them The Joy Of Flying

Teach Them The Joy Of Flying
Flying is fun you have to tell this to your child that it’s fun to fly. Remember that your little one won’t be excited in knowing that they are travelling in business class flights they will be more interested in knowing that they will be flying in air. If you want your kids to enjoy their flight then keep talking with them, point out from the window and show them small houses, the setting sun, the flying birds this will keep them busy on the flight.

Play Pilot

Play Pilot
Flying with kids can be daunting particularly if your child is scared of flying, before you fly with your child make them acquainted with how it will feel inflight. For this you can play role games with them let them be a pilot or flight attendant and play everything normal with, this will help them feel comfortable with flying and avoid the pre-flight panic.

Choose Flight Time According To Your Child’s Comfort

Choose Flight Time According To Your Child’s Comfort
If it is possible for you then choose a flight time which is suitable for you and your child particularly the sleeping hours of your child will be the best time. Although they won’t want to sleep but after the meal there are chances that your children may sleep and let you enjoy the rest of the flight.

Gadget It

Gadget It
When you are travelling with kids the best way to keep them happy is to keep them entertained, so download as many mobile apps as possible for the kids. You can easily download game apps, activity apps or download stories for your children. Just make sure that the gadget you are using for your child’s entertainment is charged properly.

Feed Them Well

Feed-Them Well
Like an irritable cat who hasn’t eaten tuna fish in the morning, a hungry child will also let you know about it. So until the on-board flight meal is served its best that you keep feeding them with healthy snacks. You can purchase a sandwich or some pretzels from the inside shops at the airport and keep their stomachs filled.

Keep Them Comfortable

Keep Them Comfortable
A child who is not dressed properly or is uncomfortable may throw a tantrum at the airport, so make sure you dress them up properly. Also keep some extra clothes in your hand carry and a small travelling pillow and throw blanket.

Keep Them Busy

Keep Them Busy
A bored child will really bother you a lot; here are some things you should keep with you if you want to stay away from the boredom outburst:

Notebook, color pencils, crayons (so that your child can draw the entire scene on the plane)
E-book or a story book
IPod and headphones
Angry Birds

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