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Top Coffee, Football Fever and Giant Statues: Facts about Brazil

Date 16 Jul 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul


Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world both by population and area. It occupies nearly half of the area of South America. Brazil is known throughout the world for its love of football, its giant Christ the Redeemer Statue and its overall laid back beach orientated lifestyle. However many people may not be aware of the following facts about Brazil.

Diversified Populace

Brazil has a population of 200.4 million and this is a mix of a wide range of ethnicities. A lot of people come from mixed race families.

The Immigrants

Over the course of the past 15o years, Brazil has been flooded with immigrants who flock to the country to work either as farmers or on the plentiful coffee plantations. The vast majority of these coffee workers hailed from Italy. And in the 1930s, a large influx of Japanese immigrants came to Sao Paulo which made the city home to the largest number of Japanese people outside of Japan itself. Other countries from which immigrants arrive include Germany, Eastern Europe Syria and Lebanon, these people settled mostly in the south. More recent immigrations were from Korea and China. Hence Brazilian culture is a myriad of people from all over the world. This makes it a very interesting place. Its diverse population is a little known among the facts about Brazil, that usually people are aware of.

Faith and Religion

facts about Brazil
Brazil is predominantly a Catholic country with over 60% of the population being Roman Catholic. This is the largest Roman Catholic population of any country. On closer inspection however, religion in Brazil has more to it than what’s on the surface. It’s a mix of spirituality which stems from a mix of both Catholicism and the religious traditions of indigenous groups and African slaves. A quarter of the population is evangelical, Pentecostal or Protestant. A small percentage do not identify with any religion while a minute two percent are followers of spiritism. Afro-Brazilian religions include Candomble and Umbanda, such religions are followed in the Northeast of Brazil.

Languages of Brazil

Portuguese is the official language and it is the largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world. This is because Brazil was a colony of Portugal during the early part of the 19th century.

Brazil’s Heritage

Brazil has 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 12 of these are cultural sites while 7 are natural sites. Some of the heritage sites include Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves, Brasilia, Brazilian Atlantic Islands, Central Amazon Conservation Complex, Historic Center of Salvador de Bahia and many others.

One of the World’s Largest Cities

Largest Cities
Sao Paulo is a densely populated city, and the city with the highest population. It also has the largest population among any city in South America and the 12th one worldwide.

This article revealed some facts about Brazil which we hope you found interesting.

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