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Top Destinations in Moscow, Russia

Date 21 May 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

Moscow, Russia

The most populous and capital city of Russia, Moscow has seen a sharp increase in tourism in recent years. With it being a major cultural and economic hub, the city has prospered immensely. Moscow has grown into a modern city while keeping its cultural values intact. Popular among vacationers and tourists, cheap flights to this city can be found after just a few searches on the internet or calls to your local agent. The city attracts millions of tourists each year due to its renowned architecture, beautiful buildings, parks and night life. Home to some of the most amazing sights, the following are the top destinations of Moscow that are a must visit.

Destinations in Moscow: Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin

Located in the heart of Moscow, the Moscow Kremlin is a historical fort. The fort overlooks the beautiful Moskva River. The complex serves as the official residence of the president of Russia. Those interested in architecture will be left awestruck due to its elaborate design and elegant structure.

Destinations in Moscow: Saint Basil’s Church

moscow st basils church

The Saint Basil’s church is a former church in Moscow. Today, it stands to be a museum, officially known as the “Cathedral of the intercession of the blessed Virgin on the Moat”. Built in 1555-1561, the design and architecture of this church is breathtaking. It forms the shape of a flame rising into the sky. The design of this building is very unique and its complexity attracts countless visitors. The vivid colors of the church’s domes make it a sight that one never forgets.

Destinations in Moscow: Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery

Established in 1856, Tretyakov gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia. It is ranked 3rd nationally and 34th globally. It houses over 130000 exhibits and art pieces. The gallery displays the collection of George Costakis in addition to many other famous collections. Outside the gallery stands the popular 86-metre tall statue of Peter the Great which is one of the tallest outdoor statues in the world. Additionally, near the gallery, there is also a sculpture garden called “The graveyard of fallen monuments” that displays fascinating statues of former Soviet Union.

Destinations in Moscow: Gorky Park

Gorky Park Moscow

Gorky Central Park of Culture and leisure is an amusement park which offers endless fun. Located across the Moskva River, the park is an amalgamation of many gardens. It hosts fun fairs and offers a variety of amusement rides for its visitors. Luckily, a visit to this park is free of charge. The park also has an ice rink and has special areas for hockey and skating. The park is said to be one of the most happening places of Moscow with a beach volleyball court, an open-air cinema and a classy café.

Destinations in Moscow: Kuskovo

Kuskovo Moscow
Kuskovo is a magnificent estate and house built in the mid-18th century. The house truly reflects Russian nobility and luxury. The house is preserved in great form and its garden is very popular for picnicking. The rich interior inside the house is stunning and one can easily spend a whole day exploring this vast estate.

Destinations in Moscow: Poklonnaya Hill

Poklonnaya Hill Moscow

This is one of the highest spots in Moscow. The hill also has a monumental museum for the Soviet Victory. The museum tells a lot about the war history and it remembers all the war heroes. A visit to this hill is a must visit.

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