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Top Five Tips on Travel Etiquette

Date 29 Sep 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

Every year millions of people, around the world,travel from here and there. But most of them either overlook or are ignorant of the most important factor, and that is the principles of Travelling. These are the Travel Tips, essential to a safe and comfortable journey, both for the passenger and the people around him.

1. Planning

During and specially, before Travel careful planning is a must. This includes the whole journey from start to finish or destination. If you do a thorough planning or homework as we say, you are bound to fight less, or argue with the different officials. Officials like Airport officials, or other travel related authorities.Also, even general public or your fellow-passengers. So, this is the most important point of manners or travel etiquette, in travelling.

2. Luggage

During travelling, it is of the utmost importance that when you pack your bags, what to keep and what to exclude. If you keep unwanted or extra things which are not required and you have stuffed them, then it’s your fault.Because this would just add to your problems and a burden on your baggage. So this is also kind of bad travel etiquette due to the reason that when travelling especially in International flights weight is of much importance. Also there is a limit of luggage weight which a passenger or traveller can take with him or her. These weights are usually 30 kg/person but sometimes negligible weight is tolerated by the airlines, but with extra payment. It would be very unethical if a person knowingly carries more weight, hence disturbing the system and the other passengers. Then arguments or fights might break and airport authorities would not tolerate such a person. When carrying hand-baggage, one should not violate the space of other travellers. The solution is to carry a few, light things, if necessary.

3. Public behaviour

It is also very important that one should observe good manners and behave like a gentleman or gentlewoman, and be polite. Specially when travelling the rights of others should also be kept in mind. An important Travel Tip is not being rude, to either the airport or airline authorities.Same goes for fellow-passengers. Always, be helpful and extend courtesy to others. Avoid fighting onboard with staff. The best way is again to plan, and keep your papers in order, i.e., visas, passports, and luggage formalities.The passenger should cooperate with the authorities and do as he/she is told.

4. Rules

Whatever the mode of travel, it always has some rules and regulations. In other words a check-list of things. These tell you the limitations, the standards and the specifications. Like certain air-travel does not allow certain things to be carried or brought by the passenger. One should be careful, and observe complete discipline regarding these matters. Because, if this Travelling Tip is ignored, again the person making the journey would be in troubled waters. This can raise unpleasant fights, with the concerned people and because the passenger is in a frenzy, he or she is not ready to listen, at that moment. So it is better to be prepared , in advance to save the embarrassment. Not only that, it also leads to inconvenience.

5. Destination of Travel

Destination of Travel
Another factor considered important in proper travel etiquette of travelling, is when you reach the end-point of your journey. This entails, informing people who are supposed to pick you up. In other circumstances, letting people know who are waiting for you. It is considered to be very uncouth if these formalities are not practiced. If you follow these tips, you will end up being a comfortable traveller.

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