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Top International Tourist Scams You Should Know About!

Date 13 Apr 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

International Tourist Scams

Traveling internationally is fun. You get to see different locations, beautiful attractions, know about diverse cultures and learn a lot about different norms and traditions of different countries. Novice travelers need help getting familiar with the surrounding areas and they get this help from locals. But always make sure you are asking the right kind of person? The helping person may turn out to be a scammer who fools innocent tourists for a living.

Most scammers are very shrewd. They know exactly how to cheat money from tourists. Sometimes the victim doesn’t even realize that they are being robbed. FareoAir brings you a list of top international tourist scams from around the world. This way you can avoid being scammed.

Rose For The Lady

Rose For The Lady
A man will come to you when you are with your girlfriend and offer her a rose. He will then ask you to pay an exceptionally high price for the rose which ultimately you have to pay unless you want to spoil the mood of your girlfriend. This scam is common in Paris, Barcelona and Rome.

Throw A Baby

Throw A Baby
A woman will come to you and throw a baby in your arm (it’s not a genuine baby but a doll similar to a real baby). Now while you are holding the baby in an utter state of shock arguing with her to take the child back, her partners probably are going through your pockets. This scam is very common in Rome.

A Woman Selling Rosemary

Woman Selling Rosemary
An old woman will grab your hand while you are walking past her and offer you free rosemary. Once you take it, she will then offer to read your future for you. If you say yes, she will then ask for payment. And she would not ask for any low amount. If you don’t pay her, she starts cursing you and your family which is pretty scary at times. This scam is common in Madrid and India.

The Sweet Photographer

Sweet Photographer
This scam usually happens with couples who are taking individual pictures of each other or selfies. What happens in this scam is that a friendly person approaches you and they’ll offer to take your picture. Later, either the person will ask you to pay for it or in the worst scenario they will run away with your camera or phone. This scam is common in Europe.

The Fake Police

International Tourist Scams
Two fake policemen will approach you and they will look like real policemen. They will ask you to show them your passport and will behave as if there is some problem in it. When you enquire about the issue and way to resolve it, they will ask for a good amount of money.Beware of this scam as it is very common in Bangkok and Mexico City.

The Attractive Flirt Lady

Attractive Flirt Lady
An attractive woman will approach a solo male traveler and flirt with him, ultimately convincing him to take her to the club or bar and when he does the bill will be ridiculously high. This scam is common in Athens.

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