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Top Things To Look Out For When Renting A Car

Date 30 Jan 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

rent car

Many times when you rent a car there are chances that you don’t read the fine print of the agreement with the car renting company. And honestly, how many times do you take a look at the car before renting it for any damages? Next time when you renting a car, take a few simple steps to make sure that you have covered all the basic checks.

Hidden Charges

Renting A Car
Most car renting companies allow you to make the booking online through their websites. So we advise that when you go to pick the vehicle from the renting company, it will be best that you take the printed copy of your booking with you. Many companies try to add extra fees or sell you additional services, but if you take your booking print with you then you can make them stick to the original price.

Your Credit Card May Hold

Credit Card May Hold
Many car renting companies allow you to make payment through your credit card and require information. The rental company is liable to put a hold on the credit card or charge you some security deposits, both of these will disappear when you return the car. This credit card hold is against the credit limit on your card, so remember this point when you are making other purchases related to traveling.

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance
Many rental companies also offer you car collision insurance but for extra charges. It is wise to purchase this only when you are not covered. For example, many credit card companies cover accident insurance on rental cars for up to 25 -30 days.

Driving Limitations

Driving Limitations
Most of the car renting companies place limitations on driving outside the state or traveling to another country. Some companies also restrict cars to be driven on unpaved roads. The cars are fitted with tracking device so try not to break the rules.

Repair Problems

Repair Problems
If you see that the vehicle which you have rented has wear and tear, then you better ask for the maintenance report. Before you drive away with the car, it will be better that you check the air conditioner, check the car fluid levels and also make sure there is air in the tires.

Holder’s Guide

Holder's Guide
Before you head for the road, make sure that you know how to operate that car, check the headlights, trunk release, GPS system and windshield wipers. Make sure that there is a copy of the holder’s guide in your car and that the contact information of the rental agency is present so that you can call them in case of any problem.

Extra Keys

extra keys
When you are renting a car ask for an extra key. Losing the only set of keys can land you into many problems and your vacation can turn into a trip full of stress. Often car renting companies give you extra keys without any hesitation.

Returning Back The Vehicle

Returning Back The Vehicle
When you return the car back do it in the same condition as the car renting company has given it to you. It’s best that you clean your trash, empty the dirt and crumbs from the cup holders before you return it. Also check the car before leaving anything behind.

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