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Top Things That Will Make Your Flight Attendant Dislike You

Date 4 Feb 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

flight attendants

When was the last time you said “thank you” or “please” to a flight attendant? Seeing how people nowadays behave with flight attendants, it seems as if the whole concept of “basic manners” has jumped out of the airplane door into the open sky.

Traveling has become an essential part of our lives and we all have to travel every now and then. Some people prefer to travel by road while some prefer trains or airplanes.

I am sure we are all in agreement that flying is a stressful experience. Packing the luggage, car seats, strollers and then carrying it all to the airport does give you a headache. Dealing with long haul security lines are the most infamously famous aspect of traveling.

But this doesn’t mean that along with your luggage, you even check in your manners.Not all passengers lack manners but there are some ill-mannered folks who you will find on every flight. They are the ones who get on the nerve of the flight attendants.
Here are a few things that trigger the real jerk inside many passengers.

Snacks and Beverages

Snacks and Beverages
With the new millennium, many airlines had stopped offering snacks, but you should be happy to know that some airlines still offer you a complimentary snack on the flight.

So if you don’t get the same cookies on this flight as you did on the last one, it’s not the flight attendants fault. They are not the ones stocking the meal baskets of the airlines. Plus there are plenty of options on the airport so why don’t you get yourself something healthy before boarding the plane.

When you are being handed over with a drink, it is best that you give a small smile or at least a thank you would be enough for the flight attendant. Pointing towards the tray or just nodding is not the right way to treat a flight attendant.

Relocating Seats

Relocating Seats
Majority of the airlines allow you to book in advance or online and at times we know that you get split up from your family. Flight attendants try their best to accommodate you whenever they get a chance. What is not good is that you ask the other passenger to sit on your seat as if you own theirs and don’t even say a thank you.

Assisting You With The Hand Carry

Assisting You With The Hand Carry
You packed your hand carry with stuff as heavy as stones, you carry it till the car, drag it in the airport, you lift it from the conveyor belt. You managed your bag all this time but at the plane you need assistance. Flight attendants are mostly slim and smart ladies, do you think they will be able to pick up your heavy bag?And even if they manage to help, they at least deserve thanks in return, not your attitude.

Bizarre Demands

Bizarre Demands
When a flight attendant serves meals or snacks, they add ice cubes in the drink according to the specifications you give. If you want two ice cubes instead of one, it is better that you say it clearly. After listening to all the gibberish a passenger says, when they do provide you with “Two Ice Cubes”, they at least deserve a thank you.

Let me put the entire thing in one simple statement, if you are polite and pleasant with the flight attendant, they will help you more than you need during the flight.

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