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Top Ways to Get the Best Car Deals

Date 19 Jun 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

Best Car Deals

A trip to a foreign country cannot be possibly enjoyed if you depend on buses and metros. To make traveling within the city easier and hassle-free, a traveler is always recommended to book a rental car. But nobody wants to spend too much money on this holiday expense and that is why it is important to find the best car deals. It is crucial that you don’t make a mistake and end up spending extra bucks. Following are some tips that will help you avoid extra charges and ensure that the best car deals are found.

1) Never Make Cash Payment Immediately

cash payments
If you are going to make a cash payment to the car dealer, never do it without negotiating first. It may sound a little far-fetched but trust me, car dealers do negotiate; especially if it is an off season for them. Be aggressive and decide on a price that suits you and the dealer both.

2) Search On Online Travel Sites

ON line
The internet is your asset. It offers you with endless opportunities. The countless online travel sites have the best car deals available. You have to look at every single site first. Then write together all the deals that you have short-listed. Lastly, select the most economical deal and make your booking. Don’t hesitate to book. You can always cancel later. And if you don’t book immediately, the deal may be gone in a few days. I am sure no one wants that to happen.

3) Make Yourself Aware Of All Available Discounts

cradit cards
There are many credit card companies, reward programs and car associations that have points or discounts that you can earn. These miles and discounts can be used to get the best car deals.

4) Consider a Longer Renting Period

long drive
Renting the car for a longer period of time will result in you getting a lower rate and you can visit more and enjoy more. In this way your time and money both will save in efficient manner.

5) Best Car Deals – Make Your Reservation Early

best car deals
If you reserve early, the deal is final and so are the rates. By reserving, you keep yourself safe from any changing rates.

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