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Travel Hacks Which Will Help You Save On Europe Trip

Date 4 Oct 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


Who doesn’t dream of flying to Europe? It’s destination that is almost on every bucket list. Below are some of the best hacks which will help you save on Europe trip. These hacks are bound to be the best ones on the internet and will help you save a ton of money for a trip that is usually very expensive.

1. One Way Tickets x2

If you’re travelling to Europe the chances are you’ll be visiting more than one country. However, if you’re anything like us you’ll try to squeeze as many countries as possible. Back in the day it was cheaper to book the return flight from the point of origin. Now there has been a drastic change when it comes to ticket prices. One of the best ways to save money is to book a one way flight to your point of arrival, and then a separate one for departure from another country (or city).

2. Travel During Off Season

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that traveling off season to Europe will save you a lot of money. We’re emphasizing the importance of traveling off season for all the travel novices out there. Summer is one of the most expensive times to visit Europe. This is also the busiest time of the year, where every tourist attraction is jam packed with people. The hotels tend to hike their prices as well, and there are endless lines at museums. If you want an authentic European experience our advice to you is to avoid summer.

The best time to visit Europe (and the cheapest) is any other months apart from the summer season. Prices also increase during Christmas and/ New Years. Once you avoid the these holidays you’re good to go.

3. Pick Family Run Business

You have a tight budget but don’t want to spend a night at a hostel? If you want to have a good experience and save money at the same time then try to pick a family run business. Family run hotels will give you the best value for your money. This is an ideal option if you want both, price and comfort. The package will usually include tours, food, room and much more.

4. Pick a Focus

When it comes to Europe there are so many countries to choose from. Last time we planned a trip to Europe our eyes just boggled at all the possibilities in front of us. We literally wanted to visit each and every one of them. However, it is important to give your trip a focus. Pick and choose countries that have easy access to one another. Keep in mind the cost of car rentals as well, and instead of flying from one place to another take a road trip through Europe. The general rule for planning a trip to Europe is to stick to the “hotspots”. If that doesn’t interest you then pick a theme such as Central / Eastern Europe or Modern World History.

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