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Travel Packing Tips For Novice Travellers

Date 12 Mar 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Packing for Novice Travellers

Airlines have been continuously increasing baggage fees over the years, thus making packing a slight headache for the passengers. A lot of videos on Youtube and articles on the internet have cropped up over the years each giving their two cents on how to become a packing pro. This article consists of a lot of borrowed tips that have been use executed and have stood true to their claims.

Packing Clothes

Travel Packing Tips
I was surprised to see folding clothes frequently appearing in the “what not to do” section. I have been folding clothes while packing for years. It turns out folding clothes (like you would in a dresser) not only takes up more space but will also not crease the clothes.

For all those scratching their heads and wondering what the alternative to folding is needn’t worry. Instead of folding the clothes start rolling them in to neat little sections. This works well with pants, skits and t-shirts. Lay the item facing downwards fold the sleeves inwards and then roll from the bottom up. Once the rolls are made start putting them neatly in your suitcase or backpack.

Packing Clothes

Another way to save up space and stop the clothes from creasing involves the age old folding method, but with a twist. Take two pieces of clothing items like a pair of trousers and lay half of one pair on top of the other. Fold the one in the bottom over the pair on the top. When that’s done, take the one on the top and fold it as well. Even though this method sounds a little confusing it comes in really hand in situations when you don’t have an iron handy once you’re arrived at your destination. The double folding gives each pair some cushion where you’ve folded it so it’s unable to crease or wrinkle in the folds.

When it comes to packing clothes, the less is more approach is highly advisable. Keep the clothes to a minimum. Take clothing items that can be paired well with different pieces of clothing. Choose tops that can go well with skirts, shorts and jeans. This allows you to change things up but still keeping the baggage space to a minimum. Always take less than you think you might need. There have been numerous occasions when I took three or four extra outfits but never ended up wearing them. They only took up unnecessary space in my suitcase.

Why Not To Over Pack

Why Not To Over Pack
Yes, we all know why you over pack when you’re heading out for a holiday. You want to look good and have as many options as possible. If your suitcase is over packed and selected for inspection the Screeners at the doing the security check at the Airport will have difficult time closing your luggage. Save space for your holiday shopping. If you over pack your suitcase before heading out for your holiday you’ll be restricting precious space for all the fun holiday shopping.

Things To Remember

Things To Remember
Liquids and gels are not allowed in your carry on unless they’re in individual containers of 3.4 ounces. These containers have to be enclosed in clear zip lock plastic bags. This includes your liquid foundation and moisturizer.

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