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Traveling After A Breakup Really Helps In Rebuilding

Date 2 Apr 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Traveling After A Breakup

Recently, we received a strange request from one of our blog followers.She wanted me to share some tips and advices with her about how to travel after a breakup. Though it was a strange request, I somehow felt like helping her.

Well, in order to help someone, you first need to share your own history so here is what my past has been like.

I have been in two series relationships and in both I ended up breaking up. In both relationships, I felt that the guy was not exactly the kind of person I could spend my whole life with. Our personalities did not match at all. When I first broke up, I felt the world has come to an end. I feel embarrassed sharing this in public, but the truth is, I started drinking heavily and to make matter worse, I distanced myself from my social circle. My career life got affected and in just a couple of months, I started losing the sight of my own self At this point I was so stressed, that on one fine Sunday afternoon I found myself booking a flight to Bali.

That month I explored Bali and in just a week I forgot all about my boyfriend and how much I loved him or how devastated I was without him. I felt so better and active that I even quit drinking. The second time I broke up, well I didn’t drink but the first thing I did was plan a trip to Islamabad;it’s considered one of the best cities in Pakistan for foreigners.

Why You Should Travel Solo After Breakup

traveling after a breakup
Personally I feel there are three different circumstances for traveling after a breakup. Here they are if you can relate with any of them then follow my advice below.

1. Broke up and feel like traveling in order to move forward in life and commence with a fresh start.
2. Just broken up – but don’t feel like traveling.
3. Broke up and have a feeling that you just can’t travel.

My Advice

My Advice
If you think that you can travel right after a break up, it seems you are a person who is ready to move forward, meaning you are ok with having a fresh start and the only person you want to rely on is your own self. From my own previous experiences, I can say that traveling after a breakup is a good idea. It’s good because you can clear your heart and mind for a fresh start. But before you get all excited and start packing your bag, you must ask yourself, are you ready or not?

So, Am I Ready?

Am I Ready
If you are ready to stand on your two feet and you no longer want to rely on any person – plus you want to move on in your life then I can guarantee you that you are ready for a new start and can immediately plan a trip after breakup. However, if you are doubtful as to whether you should travel or not, then don’t book your trip until you FEEL RIGHT about it. Once you have a feeling that traveling after a break up is right for you, only then will you find traveling a rewarding experience.

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