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Traveling Tips for Single Young Adults

Date 6 Mar 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

single young adults

Let’s be honest, no one likes to eat at restaurant or a café alone, right? So traveling alone for most people is unimaginable, maybe even scary. I’m here to tell you that it’s not as scary as it sounds. For all those skeptics who don’t believe me haven’t watched classic Hollywood Romcoms that support my argument.

Take Eat, Love, Pray for example, it shows a newly single young woman who sets out to travel the world alone. She ends up having the time of her life and discovering everything she longed for and more. It’s the stuff that movies are made of. What makes this movie even better is that it’s based on a true story. So there is a chance your happily ever after is just a plane ride away.

The thought of traveling alone does sound lonely. No doubt about that. It doesn’t have to be lonely if you take the following tips for single young adults who are traveling alone in to considerations. You might end up having the time of your life.

Join A Tour

Join A Tour
There are a lot of tour operators who design their trips keeping in mind adventurous single young adults on a tight budget. Those tours which use small tour buses, hostel stays or camps are bound to attract the most adventurous crowd. There are chances you might get a cool young guide instead of a stuffy older person that resembles your math teacher. Another upside is you’ll end up spending a week or two with the same group of people. So even if you begin the trip on your own, you’ll end it by making a lot of new friends.

Focus On Something You Love

Traveling alone can be extremely fun if you plan it with a positive mind set. Focus on something you love doing. Personally, if I was traveling alone or was going to plan a trip I’d go to England. Why? I read a bunch of book on the Tudor dynasty recently and I am obsessed. Literally obsessed! Sadly, there is no one I know who shares my passion for all things Tudors at the moment. I want to visit all the historical sites and take it all in. If I take someone with me they’d probably be bored out of their minds. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself either because I’ll be more worried about my companion. So this is something I would rather enjoy doing by myself. Think of something you love or something you’re obsessed with and plan your trip around that. It makes a world of difference.

Keep Yourself First

Yourself First
One of the reasons why single young adults travel alone is to take a time out from every day mundane life. You want a break from everything and you’re venturing out in to the world. So many people make the mistake of focusing on other people while on their holiday.
Your family’s shopping list can wait till the last two days, enjoy your holiday to the fullest first. For the first three days of your trip make a list of what you would like to do and only do those things.

The first two times I traveled alone, all I could think of was buying gifts for my family and friends. I literally spent the first four days crossing everyone off my list. I even shopped for myself the day before my flight. Everyone loved the gifts, but I lost precious time. One thing I learned was putting myself first and I can’t recommend that enough.

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