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Travelling On A Tight Budget: Money Saving Travel Tips

Date 13 Aug 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Save money For Travel

Prices are rising on every front, and things aregetting more expensive by the day; Airlines are charging more for their services on everything from aisle seats to baggage. In these undesirable conditions, people with a limited budget constantly wonder if a thing like a vacation is out of their grasp. Well if you use your head, and travel wisely saving where you can, you can go on a pretty good vacation. Below we list some travel tips which’ll help you enjoy a vacation while preventing your budget from going into shambles. With these money saving travel tips you can become a master at traveling economically.

Choose Your Flight Wisely

Flight prices vary a lot depending on the time and date of the flight. With a little bit of searching you can find flights that can save you a lot of money. Try to be flexible and prefer flying on weekdays instead of weekends. Some websites like Skyscanner allow you to find the cheapest flights from your chosen airport to different destinations, it also has a mobile app. Traveling in the ‘off’ season is also way cheaper. Also, try to fly on indirect flights, they may take more time but they cost less. Remember the major cost of a trip is the airline ticket, so saving here will save you the most. This is the prime tip among money saving travel tips.

Living On A Budget

Again, if you wish to save on hotels, you’ll need to dig deep to find a cheap hotel. Begin doing this in advance as it’ll be cheaper that way. There are a lot of hostels where you could stay if you search enough. Other options include renting a private room from a local. There has been a boom of rooms available for rent (offered by locals) since the launch of websites like AirBnB and they can be much cheaper than your average hotel. Imagine staying in New York for just 50$ a night!

Eat Locally

money saving travel tips
You should use local markets to buy foodstuffs instead of dining in restaurants three times a day. Not only are they much more expensive, sometimes the food is almost the same. In some places there are whole streets dedicated just for selling food (usually lined with street hawkers), ask around and seek them out. This will save you loads of money and will give you a better experience.

Keeping Up with Currency

Currency rates vary daily, and while predicting this is hardly possible, you could be wise about when you can convert your local cash to foreign currency. Having a faint idea of average rates will help, and convert it when it’s somewhat higher than the average.

Other Tips

Other Tips
Download a travel app, this will save you a lot of money and serve as a replacement for a travel guide. Some apps even have hotels, rentals and other stuff listed in order of price range. If you’re planning a long holiday, you can work as you travel and hence fund your trip – this may seem like a paradox, work while on vacation? Well menial things like grape picking and other stuff can earn you enough. Or you could look up a volunteer travel in which you’ll go abroad for some social work and often pay for the trip with your time rather than money.

Weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport in order to avoid getting over the limit and consequently paying a hefty fee.

A city walking tour is a great way to see the city, it’s free and usually includes drinks. Be sure to take a lot of photographs, they serve as great memories and if you enter them in travel competitions you may win free trips as well.

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