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A Trip to Scotland

Date 24 Oct 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

If you want to go to a place in the British Isles which has beautiful country-side then the place is Scotland. It is the land of the brave scots, castles and a lot of history. You can also experience natural beauty, animals and the unique landscape. There are very different types of animals found in Scotland and its’ forests and lakes. Also, the landscape is such that you can have a chance to see the beautiful ocean from cliffs and mountains. It consists of many islands and each having a distinct attraction.

Nearly 800 Islands to Explore

It would be a surprise for many world-wide travellers that Scotland has around 800 islands. We can safely say that the number is uncountable. One of the important things to do in Scotland is to do hiking and sight-seeing on these islands. They are so extraordinary that each island is like a different adventure. A tourist would not be doing justice if he or she visited a few. The reason is that you can’t compare and would have to visit a couple of them to get some sort of picture what these islands have to offer. The Isle of Mull, is a great island to explore and even has hostels for stay. Similarly other islands also have this facility.

Natural Wildlife

Natural wildlife
When the traveller would endeavor to hike around the forests, jungles and hills of Scotland, he would naturally find very rare types of animals. Among these some notable animals are like the Golden Eagle, a bird of great beauty and flight. Then if you talk about the water mammals, you would find the Otter and the Harbour seal, very unique. There are many land animals like if the adventurer takes to the forests, there he would find the local deer or Red deer, as it is known. The beautiful red squirrel is another special animal to be viewed. The Scottish are very cognizant of their natural heritage and take care of these animals. There are many other animals worth to be seen, here. Puffins and the horned brown buffalo are also species to be enjoyed, and are worth watching.

Local Food

Local food
There is also very exquisite Scottish food to be found. One of the palatable things to do in Scotland is to try to taste the famous Black pudding, and other local puddings. There are also local pies and they are also worth eating. Apart from these there is always the fresh and excellent seafood available. A fish worth mentioning in the seafood is the Salmon. It is a great delicacy and a fish not to be missed. Other foods and other cuisines are also to be found here.


The remnants of the Scottish freedom wars and battles can still be spotted in the shape of medieval castles. The visitor to these sites can get acquainted with the history of the place, and can get educated instantly. There are a lot of castles up and down, Scotland and tell stories of bravery and gallantry.


If you visit this place the must thing to do in Scotland is to tour its’ diversified terrain. It has beautiful lakes, mountains and even unusual passes. For a reasonable price and fair, the travellers can relax and take a ride on buses and ferries taking them to these passes and islands.

So, if you come to Scotland it has the best to offer in the United Kingdom and the British isles.

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