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Truly Adventurous Destinations Around The World

Date 21 Jan 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Adventurous Destinations

For many, traveling to a distant land is the chance to explore its spectacular sites and absorb in its culture. But for some, traveling is all about fulfilling the need for adventures. Luckily, the world has a lot to offer to fulfill their dreams because of the countless adventurous trips you can plan around the world. Whether it comes to climbing the highest peaks or diving down the deepest oceans, the thrills experienced along the journey offer one of the best memories of one’s life.

Although it requires a lot of courage and challenges you to abandon your comfort zone, these most adventurous destinations in the world are surely going to take your breath away because this is a never ending adrenaline race!

1. Romania

The Carpathian Mountains
You may have heard of this chunk of Europe to be sinking in economic crises, but when it comes to tourism it is truly amazing. The Carpathian Mountains is a perfect point for adventures and tourists love to camp and hike in these heavenly mountains. The Transfagarasan Highway is a must to explore because this exciting road is a treat for the adventurers. The best part about adventuring in Romania is that the local villages can offer you a great yet cheap accommodation. It’s a great delight to watch the bears in Transylvania. Although you need to be extremely patient to spot these wonderful creatures, the reward is worth the wait.

To explore the unique culture of Romania, head to the stunning Sibiu!

2. Bulgaria

Bungee jumping in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is an excellent choice when it comes to outdoor adventures. No matter what the weather is, you’ll find something amusing while you’re there. The most important aspect of Bulgaria when it comes to adventures is its majestic mountains. When visiting during the snowy season, this is the ideal ground for snowboarding and skiing. Although the weather conditions are not so favorable, when there is a better time it’s an amazing place for paragliding and mountain biking. Bulgaria is also home to some spectacular fast flowing rivers. There is nothing like rafting and kayaking there. Bungee jumping in Bulgaria is ideal because of the very tall bridges in the country. There are countless opportunities of adventures near the seaside as well making Bulgaria one of the most adventurous destinations in the world!

3. Israel

adventurous destinations  scuba diving
This might come as a surprise for many, but Israel is indeed one of the best places when it comes to endless adventures. The diversity you’ll experience from north to south is extremely astonishing for the travelers. You might have been brainwashed by the news channels; but Israel is a safe destination to travel to. One of the highlights of your trip in Israel is the beautiful marine environment. The Red Sea is one of the finest spots to begin your adventures. Whether you wish to go snorkeling or scuba diving, it offers everything an adventurer would ever wish for. If you drive half an hour away from Eilat, you’ll come across the grand Red Canyon. If you have the stamina and courage to get your way to the top, the rewards are promising. Adventurers must spend their time around Mitzpe Ramon. It may seem too quiet for your liking; the adventures it offers are endless.

Explore the majestic land of excitements when traveling to the most adventurous destinations in the world!

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