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Truly Unique Hotels Around The World

Date 17 Dec 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

unique hotels

You might have had the pleasure of staying in a chain of the world’s finest hotels wherever you head to. They stand out for the luxury, comforts and their royal outlook. The services are beyond exceptional and they aim to make your stay amazing in every possible manner.

Here, we’ll go beyond these and explore the most unique hotels around the world. They stand out for being unusual, extremely creative and totally dreamy. Although these do not suite the preference of every tourist, it is worth exploring what makes them so extraordinary.

1. Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden
Sweden has made the best use of its cold climate by launching the marvelous Ice Hotel. One of its kind, it’s guaranteed to give you the most amazing experience of your life. Stepping into the world of the largest ice hotels in this world would make you feel as if you’ve stepped inside a globe of diamonds. It is surely once in a lifetime trip! Anyone having a love for colder climate will get delighted by the amazing ambiance of the hotel. Without any concept of plumbing, the hotel changes its outlook every year. It may be teeth chattering cold, but you can beat the cold through the outstanding sleeping bags provided by the hotel. The bed, ceiling, walls and everything you find in the room are crafted from ice itself, and each room stands out from the other one. There’s plenty to do at the hotel; and it is ideal for both the summers and winters alike. The guided tours offered by the hotel are a great way of exploring every nook and corner of the Ice Hotel. Scandinavians have an urge to witness the midnight sun and the northern lights, and both of these can be explored through the hotel. If you plan to tie the knot with your partner, Ice Hotel would be the perfect place to be!

2. Magic Mountain Lodge, Chile

unique hotels around the world
The Magic Mountain is surely one of the most unique hotels around the world. It has a number of features making it a spectacular stay. Firstly, the entire hotel is shaped like a volcano. Did the thought of lava make you shiver? Secondly, a picturesque waterfall flows from the hotel’s peak. The hotel, also known as Montana Magica is a dreamy place to stay, no less than a fairy tale. It is a common myth among the locals that this Magic Mountain grants wishes, you name it! Resembling a hobbit’s home, the moss and various plantations it is surrounded by makes you want to live there for eternity. There’s a lot you can do in and around the hotel. To begin with, the hot tubs of the hotel are pretty famous; made out of enormous tree trunks and filled with hot water. There’s nothing like taking a bath overlooking the majestic forest. Rafting, hiking, horse riding and golf are some of the many things you can adventure with while staying there.

Two words; Truly Magical!

3. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Poseidon Undersea Resort Fiji
You might have experienced luxury by staying at the finest hotels in the world. However, seldom do we link this concept deep under the sea. Fiji makes it possible through the Poseidon Undersea Resort; the mind blowing five star hotel located deep under the sea. Whether you tag it to be magical or unique, it is the first hotel to be proposing the prospects of supporting human life under the sea. The resort will be accessed through the elevator. Astonishingly, you won’t experience humidity and the resort will be air conditioned. Imagine resting comfortably under the fine linens, while witnessing the whales and sharks swim nearby. Being the pioneer of creating a seafloor resort, the enormous Jacuzzi and gigantic windows of the resort will leave you completely spellbound. Unfortunately, for now you can only make a reservation to experience what it is like to stay deep under the sea. Once it opens its doors, you might be among the first visitors to experience what it’s like to stay in the most unique hotels around the world!

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