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Unusual Places To See That Are Worth Visiting

Date 27 Sep 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


This installment of unusual places to see just might be the unusual one yet, because it is the Cathedral of Junk. If you’re a little confused about what that is, it is literally what the name suggests, a Cathedral of (literal) Junk. In 1988 Vince Hannemann got this (pretty eccentric) idea to make a cathedral out of junk. It turned into a possibility when people from all over the world started donating their junk to Vince, because they were so enamored by the idea.

1. How The Cathedral Of Junk Evolved Into A Tourist Attraction

The Cathedral, which is located in Austin, Texas, has now become a pop culture phenomenon. Vince captivated people with his vision of creating a grand Cathedral from mere junk. People volunteered to help him and donated from all over the world. The structure of the cathedral is made up of 60 tons of junk. A couple of years ago there was a group in Austin who was wanted to shut it down because they thought it was an eyesore and a safety hazard at the same time. The neighbors weren’t very pleased with it either, because they said it was an eyesore.

Vince took the public opinion into consideration and he along with a group of volunteers decided downside the structure so they could bring it up to code. They really wanted the site to remain open and they did everything possible to bring the Cathedral of Junk up to standard again.

2. My Experience At The Cathedral Of Junk

I wanted to visit a tourist attraction that was a little out of my comfort zone and the smell of junk called out to me. I was really fascinated about the Cathedral of Junk and decided to check it out a month ago when I was in Austin, Texas.

When I got there I discovered that it didn’t take long to explore the site at all. During my exploration I bumped in to Vince (which was an amazing surprise), and I spent a lot of time talking to him. By now he must be sick of people bombarding him with so many questions, but he acted like a professional and answered them all with enthusiasm. Later, I spent a lot of time just taking all the junk in, and watching play in it. The Cathedral of Junk is a great place for a stroll if you have an active imagination.

A lot of people visit the place with their children, who were running about and having a great time in their make-believe world. The Cathedral of Junk has grown in popularity with the locals because it keeps their kids busy for an hour or two. If you’re going to Austin with your family, this should be on your list because your kids will love it. On the plus side, the admission is free (donations are welcome).

If you’re wondering if the Cathedral of Junk smells, I am happy to report it doesn’t. The junk is a stench free and didn’t look dirty or gross to me. (at the end of the day it is still just junk).

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