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Vancouver or Toronto: A Travel Guide to Canada

Date 29 Aug 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Guide to Canada

Canada had been on my bucket list since a long time. That was mostly because there were so many puzzles to solve and I wanted to do justice to the country on my maiden trip. What month is the best to be in Canada? Should I opt for Vancouver or Toronto? A road trip or staying right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city life? These puzzles took forever to solve, but eventually I was able to fit my dreams in a trip to Canada.

If you are stuck between the choices of Vancouver or Toronto, this travel guide would help you to explore the best of both these magnificent cities!

1. Vancouver: The Largest Chunk of British Columbia

Vancouver Guide to Canada Some call it the Rain City, others call it the paradise of Canada. Vancouver is famous for good reasons. After ticking off a lot of cities from North America, I was convinced that there is nothing better than what Vancouver offers to the tourists. It glitters by the shore and you’ll stay stunned throughout the trip with the surroundings. It’s a huge city where the locals are friendly and tourists flow in and out nearly all year round.

Why visit Vancouver? My reasons are countless. The locals definitely top the list. The hospitality and welcoming nature makes it a plus in times like these. The cultural diversity makes it all the way better.

Being one of the most picturesque destinations in Canada, both summer and winter are perfect for all the outdoor adventures. The North Shore Mountains and its stunning hiking trails are picture perfect during the summer time.

From downtown Vancouver, you’ll come across plenty of ski resorts within easy access. If you opt for a road trip, the scenic glaciers and lakes are truly a treat for the eyes. For all the wildlife lovers, the Pacific Coastline is just enough to satisfy all kinds of cravings. The whale watching tours and water sports are worth the trip.

Apart from a hearty nature dose, Vancouver really has the best of both the worlds. It’s a modern cosmopolitan city and the dream life can truly be lived in here. From chic shopping till you drop to delightful restaurants, it was a trip filled with countless pleasures.

It might rain 161 days a year, but the summertime makes Vancouver gorgeous like never before. So, why not visit Vancouver?

2. Toronto, The Queen City Of Canada

Toronto Guide to Canada Most of the tourists end up fitting Toronto on their first trip to Canada, so it has gained its popularity. For all the urban adventurers, Toronto is one of the greatest cities on this planet. It’s fair to call it the New York of Canada. Toronto is lively and ever-evolving.

As I stepped out of the airport and made my way towards my hotel, I was in complete awe and realized for the first time that it’s true what people say about Toronto. The world lives here!

Toronto is huge and international. It is diverse and has an interesting history to look back to. Despite the travel expenses, it’s a city I enjoyed through and through.

What makes it the most interesting is its cultural diversity. Most of the locals you meet in Toronto will be the ones who are born elsewhere. This makes one of the most hospitable cities in the world. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to treat your taste buds with the cuisines from all over the world. On my five trips over the last decade, each one of them was a merry one because of the festivals happening all year round.

The high-end side of Toronto is certainly an attraction for a lot of tourists. This makes Toronto truly a one-of-a-kind destination for the shopaholics. It’s really going to be one of those trips where you’ll have to struggle with packing on your way back.

If partying is on your list, Toronto is a destination like no other. The city sparks beautifully at night making it a perfect place for the tourists. Summer or winter, Toronto is always lively!

The iconic CN tower and Toronto Islands should certainly be added to your itinerary. To grab the best souvenirs, head off to St. Lawrence Market. One day at the Eaton Centre and the other one in Chinatown; Toronto is a city like no other! It’s also more family-friendly with plenty of fun times for younger ones.

A choice between Vancouver or Toronto is not an easy one. It’s true that the vibes you’ll experience in both the cities will be significantly different. Both of them are more Canadian in comparison to any other cities. However, Vancouver is more towards a relaxed and laid back ambiance. Toronto on the other hand has all that you would expect from a fast-paced city life. Which among the two entirely depends upon the kind of traveler you are, but it’s definitely a treat to visit both Vancouver and Toronto!

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