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Ways to Acquire Cheap Flights on the Internet

Date 24 Sep 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

Cheap Flights on the Internet

We have moved on fast. Many people refer to this era as the ‘Age of the internet’. Like all other things made easy due to the internet, travel planning also has become not only hassle free but to some extent, you enjoy more perks and in many cases excellent discounts. Due to rising competition you can now acquire cheap flights at economical rates on the internet. Purchase can be made either online directly from the airline’s website or the ticket can be acquired through an air travel business. The introduction of air travel businesses is a big plus for travelers. They strike deals with airlines and offer discounts that you seldom get from airlines directly. Mentioned below are ways and tips that can aid travelers in buying economical flights.

Air Travel Sites

Air Travel Sites
Whenever the time comes to purchase an airline ticket and time is short, simply go on the internet and browse on popular air travel businesses. I would recommend FairOAir and Expedia because I have personally used these sites and can guarantee that they are reliable. For my recent trip to France, I made my entire travel arrangements through FairOAir. From a two way ticket, hotel room to a rental car, I made my bookings online on their website and I believe I got good enough deals. However, I am not by any means suggesting that you limit yourself to certain travel sites. Search for deals on all travel sites that you know, write all deals on a paper and narrow down the list. Ultimately select the one which is most suitable and economical for you.

Airline’s Website

Airline’s website
It is always advisable that you visit the website of the airline you wish to travel with. The airlines have been known to offer amazing deals and discounts on their official websites. Not even opening the site once and missing out on any such deal would be a tragedy.

Be on the Mailing Lists

Be on the mailing lists
Mostly very good deals aren’t there for a long time. Travelers are ready to pounce on discounted deals like vultures. So make sure you get travel alerts and get notified via email whenever a new deal is announced.

Social Media

Social media
There is a thin chance that you will get a special deal through facebook or twitter just when your trip is due. But if you know way ahead of time about your upcoming trip, make sure you are on the lookout for promotional offers on social media.

Use Two Different Airlines

two different airlines
Using two different airlines is quite an effective way to save money when purchasing a ticket. Use one airline to fly out to your destination and use another one to return back.

Oddly Timed Flights

Oddly timed flights
You are likely to get the ticket at a cheap price if it has odd timings. Usually late night and early morning departures/Arrivals are considered odd and many people avoid traveling at this time.

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