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Ways to Protect Yourself When You Travel Abroad

Date 1 Aug 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


When you travel abroad, you are vulnerable in a lot of ways. This gives you a very strong reason to protect yourself in every way that you possibly can. Of course, a lot will be beyond your control at times. Personal safety is very important when you are in a distant land. Because a lot is new to you, there might be a few miserable incidents that put you off from traveling. There are many people around the world who delay their travel plans simply because they don’t consider this world a safe place any longer.

If you are worried about your personal safety, here are some ways you can take things in your control.

1. Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the worst that could happen to a traveler. You carry your whole life with you, and when these personal details get exposed the damages are countless. This is especially true for smart phones and laptops. The loss of the monetary value of your gadgets is far less than the data that you’ve lost, or exposed to unwanted strangers.

For this reason, it is best to keep all your personal belongings nearby where you can have an untiring look at them. While you access internet in public spaces, ensure that you know you’re getting connected to a protected network. It’s best to stay away from strangers who appear too good to be true, because these are mostly the ones who trick you away with kindness. Be mindful of your surroundings and go an extra mile to protect your personal identity.

2. Misplaced Items

Misplaced Items

It’s not theft all the time that you have to get worried about when you travel abroad. Sometimes, it is getting items misplaced and crying over them for the rest of the holiday. It happens all the time, especially during the peak season months. Similar looking bags get taken away by others mistakenly and take forever to get located.

When it comes to selecting luggage bags for yourself, ensure you go for ones that stand out because nearly every other passengers goes for a blue or black one. If you can’t afford to do that, personalize your luggage in a manner where it can be identified from far away. This can be done by adding ribbons or designs to the bag. Remove any previous baggage tags from the luggage because that only increases the confusion further. Make sure that you’ve your contact details written on both the outside and inside. When you write your contact details, ensure that they are clearly visible.

3. Protecting Health

Protecting Health

Extreme summers and winters are mostly the time when people experience health troubles while they’re off to enjoy their holidays. The situation at times would get beyond your control, and you must do the best that you can to avoid it. Protecting your health is very important. If you’re not fit to travel, you wouldn’t enjoy any bit of it. Ensure that long before you travel, you maintain a healthy eating and sleeping pattern. Consult a doctor and get yourself examined thoroughly before your travels. Get hold of first aid and any medicines that you might require on your trip. Travel insurance can help you worry less about medical problems when you travel to a distant land.

4. Protecting What You Leave Behind

Probably even more troublesome than protecting yourself is to protect what you leave behind. Your home carries a lot, and there are thieves that are always on the hunt for situations where the house is vacant. That is why when you protect yourself, you must think about how your house will be safe when you travel. Consult some relative or friend who can look after your house when you are abroad. The whole point is to make it look as if it is not vacant. Switching on the lights, keeping the garden in a good shape and taking the pet out for a ride are some ways it will appear as if there are no changes. Lastly, getting a good security system is also a great way to protect your home while you’re abroad.

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