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What Not To Miss When You Travel To France

Date 20 Jul 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Travel To France

France is a country like no other. We claim this for reasons far more than a visit to Paris. When you travel to France,you’re exposed to the best that history, culture, architecture and food can possibly offer to the tourists. It’s a country full of amazements, and the one that you should take time out to explore completely. When it comes to Europe, France is probably its most colorful destination which offers a very fulfilling experience to the tourists.  On your trip to France, here are some places you must visit.

1. Paris


We can’t just erase Paris from any listings when it comes to France. For many travelers who have traveled all through Europe, France is France only because of Paris itself. The City of Romance, Lights and Food is delightful to explore all year round. This is why the influx of tourists in Paris never comes to a halt, especially during the summer months. The most famous places to visit in Paris are of course the very popular Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris. But there is way more in the city to explore. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is another spectacular attraction that you would be sorry to miss out.

2. Nice


When you travel to France, you must fit Nice in your itinerary. The exotic beach is just one of the many reasons for visiting. Even the ruins in Nice are delightful to explore and a great dose for the history lovers. The Promenade des Anglais, translated as the English Walk is a wonderful sight and strolling along would make you fall in love with Nice even more. Caste Hill is the right place for sightseeing, if you watch to see fantastic views of Nice, climb the 300 stairs to get to the top of the hill!

3. Cannes


The Annual Films Festival is just one chunk of the popularity Cannes get. Of course, everyone knows Cannes because of the star studded celebrations. If you truly wish to enjoy the taste of a luxurious holiday in France, a trip to Cannes is the perfect dip of glamour and luxury that travelers need. There’s a lot to explore in Cannes. Even a trip to the beach is a special one because the beaches are star studded all year round!

4. Dijon


Dijon might not be one of the most famous cities in the country, but a great escape if you wish to experience something different. The city is mainly historic, so you would never be short of options when exploring it. Tourists are often left in awe at the sight of all the wondrous churches that were built in the medieval times. From shopping to all the places to eat out, everything has a special feel when you are in Dijon!

5. Loire Valley

Loire Valley

If there is one phrase I would like to attach to the Loire Valley that would be eye-catching. The stunning surroundings are pleasing to explore and breathe in. Although not popular as many other destinations, a trip to the Loire Valley would definitely be worth the effort. The beautiful orchards and vineyards are pleasing to look at far and beyond. One of the best ways of exploring it is to hop on a bicycle and go on wine tours. The journey through the countryside is just the perfect relaxation dose everyone needs.

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