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Where To Travel Next for a Thrilling Adventure? Part I

Date 3 Oct 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Thrilling Adventure

If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, you’re probably always on the lookout for where to travel next for a thrilling adventure. I’ve had my fair of crazy shenanigans across the globe but Costa Rica’s where I had the most fun!

If you talk to any Costa Rican, they’ll tell you a story. It goes something like this: When God made the heaven and the earth, he wanted to put a little bit of paradise on earth so that people could visit it and know what heaven would be like. And that place is none other than their beloved country. Costa Ricans are convinced their land is extraterrestrial and here’s why:

1.You Don’t Have To Choose Between The Pacific Or The Atlantic Ocean:

Yes, you don’t because Costa Rica borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea! Beaches on both sides are just absolutely stunning. What’s even better is that these gorgeous beaches with their white sand and turquoise water are never over-crowded! While the Caribbean side is full of vibrant coral reefs, the Pacific coast has a rugged shoreline surrounded by rainforests and its exotic animals! In the port city of Limon, you’ll find wildlife sanctuaries full of sloths who can’t wait to cuddle with you!

2. Mountains Are Too Mainstream, Let’s Climb A Volcano:

let’s climb a volcano The Poás Volcano is Costa Rica’s largest and most active volcano and It can be seen bubbling and emitting smoke. In fact, tourists can often see geysers emitting into the air, some going as high as 820 ft. It’s only an hour away from the country’s capital, San Jose so you can make a daytrip. Bonus: You can spot coffee and flowers farms along the way! However, if you’re looking for a difficult hike then the Santa Maria Volcano is just the volcano for you. The six mile hike ascends over 5000 vertical feet. Most of the trail winds through the rainforest and the final section is the steepest and most difficult. Let’s pack our backpacks and get going because now we definitely know where to travel next for a thrilling adventure.

3. Ziplines, Canopy Tours And Jungle Trails: :

Zoom through a rainforest canopy and find out what is it about tree tops which monkeys love so much? 100 feet above the jungle floor, there’s nothing you’ll miss. And if you want to linger for a little bit, hanging bridges are just the place to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery. At the Arenal Reserve, you can get the view of Arenal Volcano along with the forest! It is the world’s most active volcano so that’s a view you definitely don’t wanna miss.

That’s it for now. Next week, we’ll be talking about waterfall rappelling, cave spelunking and stand-up paddle boarding! That’s where you want to travel next for a thrilling adventure!

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