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Where To Travel Next For A Thrilling Adventure – Part II

Date 10 Oct 2016 | Posted by Umema Aimen


Welcome back, fellow adventurers! Last week we climbed volcanoes, lingered on a beach and then ziplined through a rainforest. This week, we’re back in Costa Rica for another thrilling adventure.

1. Cave spelunking

Thrilling Adventure

The Venado Caves in San Carlos have the most peculiar history. Residents had heard always a rumor that there were some caves nearby but nobody had actually seen any. Then in 1945, a farmer named Lael Herrera “discovered” them by falling down a hole. The chamber he fell in had been hidden for fifteen to twenty million years! Further exploration and excavation revealed ten underground chambers. This 2700 meter cavern takes about an hour and a half of exploration! Each cave has sufficient headroom but some tight spots are definitely not for the claustrophobics. Bilingual guides will help you meet the resident bats, frogs, fish and other insects. Although we must admit that the caves are home to some massive spiders as well! However, the underground waterfall and river are definitely worth every spider, we can promise you that! So if you’re a true adventure seeker, you know where to travel next for a thrilling adventure! COSTA RICA!

2. Waterfall rappelling

Waterfall rappelling
Advanced thrill-seekers, this activity is right up your alley. Known as canyoning, this sport involves climbing down a waterfall from the rocks with the help of ropes and harnesses. After a certain level of descent – at whatever point you feel convenient – you let go and jump down the waterfall, falling into the pool. Can you imagine anything more sensational? Once you’ve made the jump, don’t think it’s over. Waterfall rappelling tours usually include multiple waterfalls, descents from treetops and ziplines to give you the full rainforest experience! Although the tour guides will make you 100% safe, this activity is not for the faint of heart as you will be descending from high elevation (up to 165ft!) and might find yourself suspended mid air every now and then. However, there’s no better way to enjoy the rainforest landscape than this extreme outdoor adventure.

3. Ultimate bird watching destination

Ultimate bird watching destination
After you’ve jumped down waterfalls and explored underground caves, perhaps it’s best to add a little bit of bird watching to your itinerary. Costa Rica, after all, is a bird watcher’s heaven! If you think it boring, think again because there’s at least eight hundred and fifty species of birds – all of that in a country the size of West Virginia! If you got only one glimpse of the majestic Resplendent Quetzal in your entire trip then I’d still consider it a success. With their brilliantly bright feathers, these magnificent birds will add colors to your life.

Like Costa Ricans proclaim, their country is a little piece of heaven; a piece that everyone needs to explore and experience. I don’t know about you but I already want to travel to Costa Rica for my next thrilling adventure. I say let’s pack our bags and get going!

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