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The White North: Canada Travel Guide

Date 7 Jul 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

White North

In terms of size Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is a great expanse of beautiful wilderness dotted by modern cities, friendly people and fine summer weather. These factors make it an excellent place to visit especially for people in its Southern neighbor. If you’re looking for a vacation full of amazing and diverse natural landscapes, trendy cities and fun filled nights Canada is the place for you. And with this Canada travel guide, we’ll give you all the information you need when visiting Canada.

The Costs

The Costs
(All prices mentioned are in USD)

Costs can vary depending on which city you’re staying in. Typically a dorm room costs around $30 and a budget hotel room about $50.

Try to cook your own food as that way you’ll only spend around $80 per week. If you can’t or don’t want to, we suggest sticking with cheap sandwich shops and fast food places as they’ll cost less than $10 per meal. An average restaurant on the other hand may cost you upwards of $30 on a meal.

As Canada is huge, be prepared to pay some money for getting around. In the cities the public transport is excellent as well as cheap. Your best bet otherwise is to rent a car for around $35-$60 per day.
Save where you can, as activities –depending on where you are – range from $20 – $100.

Top Things to Do

Canada Travel Guide
Visit Vancouver. This is possibly Canada’s best city. It is a thriving metropolitan city with everything you could ask for. And surrounding it are beautiful mountains which you can hike through. It blends civilization and nature impressively. It has great people, excellent food, an amazing music scene and excellent weather. You can also visit the nearby Vancouver Island, a getaway spot for locals in the summers. You can hike, lounge on the beach and try delicious seafood.

If you love nature and adventure, hiking through the Pacific Rim National Forest is the thing for you, it is Canada’s most popular park and a must see. If you can’t there are beautiful forests all over Canada waiting to be discovered.

For those who find serenity in admiring art, the Galleries of Toronto are the place for you. And on Wednesdays they often have a discount.

Montreal in Quebec is another beautiful city which explores the French roots of the province. It’s possibly the most romantic city in Canada, with its jazz clubs, underground mall and amazing cuisine. Besides Montreal, Quebec City’s Old Town offers quaint cobblestone streets, 17th century architecture and the only North American fortress which is still standing.

Kelowna has some of the best weather in Canada, both in summer and in winter. It has good golf courses, a marina and vineyards.

Niagara Falls. One of the most popular tourist spots in Canada, you have to see the breathtaking immensity of these. The nearby town is full of good cafes.
Have a grand time in Canada with this Canada Travel Guide.

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