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Why Flying Economy Is Still An Ideal Option For You

Date 22 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Flying Economy

You won’t be surprised to know that a lot of travelers suffer from a severe phobia even at the mention of flying economy class. For all those who’ve experienced it know exactly what to expect from the airline.

Despite all the best facilities provided by the premium classes on an airline, the economy still wins the show for being the most practical choices for traveling. It works out best for budgeted and leisure travelers who are already on the go.

Here’s a guide to stay optimistic and discover what’s best when it comes to flying economy.

1. Economical Fares

The most obvious reasons for choosing an airline’s economy class are the ideal fare options that appeal to the general travelers. Since they are cheaper than both the business and first class of an airline, it works out to be an ideal option for frugal traveling.

If you’ve a limited budgeted and want to fly to distant places, there is no better option that to fly economy. On the bright side of life, you can kill the pessimism through opting for seats of your own choice. Most airlines let you allocate your seat after you book with them.

2. Checked Baggage Allowance

flying economy class

Nearly every other leisure traveler has the tendency to over pack on foreign trips. This doesn’t work out in your best interest since many airlines charge excessively when it comes to checked baggage. Luckily, many international airlines are still generous when it comes to the economy class. You would be allowed to put through your checked baggage free of cost, considering they are within a certain limit.

However, there are many American airlines that would make you pay for the checked baggage in the economy class. In this situation, at least one goes free of cost through the affiliated credit cards facilities.

3. Premium Economy Class

Economy class woes are over since the introduction of premium economy. If you want to enjoy the perks of the premier classes of the airline in lesser fares, premium economy is the ultimate solution to it.

Located at the front of economy class, the seats are far more comfortable and spacious. Through the premium economy class, passengers also enjoy the benefit of priority boarding.

4. Award Winning Economy Seats

Award Winning Economy Seats

Flying Economy is not bad. The award winning airlines have proved to show that. One of the most important reasons flyers choose the premium classes of an airline are because of the comforts and privacy enjoyed there.

Singapore Airlines and Garuda Indonesia are the perfect examples of airlines with unbelievably comfortable and spacious economy class seats.

5. AC Outlets

This may be taken for granted, but imagine flying in an economy class without this provision. Because most of us tend to exhaust the battery of our gadgets at the airport when we stay connected, AC outlets are a huge life saver.

Nearly all the leading airlines have provided these outlets on your personal seat. This helps you to fight the blues of dying battery.

6. Complimentary Food

Complimentary Food
Economy class is always in demand. Luckily, airlines have gone an extra mile to improve the services on this class through constant innovation. The food being served on most of the airlines have also undergone transformation.

The quantity and selection might be limited, but is a good option for filling up the stomach. Some of these airlines would make you feel wonderful with their delightful cuisine. It’s hard to believe that you’re being served that on the economy class! Alaska Airline’s Cascade Brisket Chili and Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong-style Curry Chicken is the perfect example of it!

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