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Witty Ways Of Getting A Refund On Non-Refundable Tickets

Date 26 Nov 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

refund on non refundable airline tickets

Many of us when booking airline tickets opt for non-refundable tickets, even when we know we might face unexpected hassles in the future. It makes sense, too! With airline tickets nearly costing a fortune these days, it is no wonder that all of us are looking for cheaper options around us. But even all cheap things cost too, and with that said, the airlines claim that refund can’t be offered on non-refundable tickets, regardless of what the circumstances maybe.

But hang on, aren’t the customers always right?

Of course they are! Misfortunes and unexpected events do not come with an invitation and they might just end up ruining your upcoming trip. Worry not, because every problem has some possibility of finding a solution. We’ll tell you some smart ways to get a refund on non-refundable airline tickets. These are rules of the airlines that can’t be broken, but that doesn’t stop you from bending them.

Businesses aim to make their customers happy and despite their rigid policies, it is worth trying to get in touch with them. The world is changing unpredictably these days and you might be a victim of these days. So if you are now canceling your plans to travel to a destination because of the adverse weather conditions or a sudden unrest, access the airline’s homepage or contact their helpline. They might have advertised a refund to the passengers in that case.

If you’re booking in the States, the U.S Department of Transportation Regulations have a rule if you have booked a non-refundable ticket a week ahead of your flight, you’re allowed to cancel or even change within a day of booking. There is no cancellation or changing fee in that regard.

However, there are some airlines whose policies need to be taken in consideration.

American Airlines

It allows you to hold the fare and your seat for the next 24 hours without paying any charges for it. So the next times you book a flight with them, instead of paying immediately just select the option of holding the flight. If you pay, you’ll have to incur the changing or cancelled fee.

Alaska Airlines

Thinking of getting a refund on non-refundable airline tickets?

At Alaska Airlines, you’ve the option of freely cancelling and changing the flight without a cost if the action takes place 60 days before you fly off.

Southwest Airlines

Within a 24-hours window, you’re allowed to change or cancel your booking without any fee at the Southwest Airlines. In addition, you are also allowed to change or cancel any time before the flight.

Alternative? You receive a full amount of the fare in place of credit that can be used to book an air ticket with the airline in the future. However, this offer is only applicable within a year.

Allegiant Airlines

The airline believes in being more specific. You are entitled to cancel your flight as long as it’s seven days prior to the flight time. To be more specific, at least 168 hours ahead.

Airlines in the past have been sympathetic with people’s mishaps and were ever ready to offer them compensation even on the non-refundable tickets. A handful of people started misusing these benefits and there was a huge entry of fake medical certificates. Because of this reason, the sympathy benefit is no longer available. These days they’ll offer you a refund if you or the person traveling next to you dies. But this is only offered against a death certificate.

Although there are ways to get a refund on non-refundable airline tickets, it is best to be aware of company policies before you begin booking and make your decisions wisely.

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